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Black Lab is a band which was established in the United States, whose main genre is alternative rock. Black Lab is not really prominent all over the world, but the few fans it has, speak of the band very highly. Paul Durham has a beautiful voice, and it completely hypnotizes you. Andy Ellis doesn’t fall far behind, and makes up with his exceptional Indie style ‘sitar’ strumming. Listen to their songs, they truly are amazing.

History: ‘This Night’ is the first song from the album ‘Passion Leaves a Trace’. The album was self- released on January the 16th, 2007. There was only one version of the song released, viz. the studio version. It has a duration of 3 minutes and 29 seconds. The video version shows Paul Durham and Andy Ellis seated in what I think is a video arcade room. This song was propelled to fame because of it’s appearances in various serials like ‘The Shield’, ‘Numb3rs’, ‘House’, ‘6 Degrees’, and a couple of movies too.

What it tries to convey to us: According to me, the song is about a person who starts to regret all the bad things he/she has done in his/her life. The first stanza tells us about the person confessing his/her wrong doings, and what it did to him/her in turn. The second stanza shows him/her trying to find another person who actually gives a damn if he/she lives or dies. Long story short, it’s about a person who knows all the horrible things he/she has done, and just wants some peace of mind when he/she sleeps, because in reality he/she can’t; because of guilty conscience.

Review: Paul Durham gets straight to the point from the intro of the song itself. The vocals are so deep, you can hear him inhaling and exhaling very clearly. Paul Durham, according to me, has one of THE most enticing vocals ever. The beats of this song are ever so beautiful and steady. Andy Ellis has played the sitar superbly, and has absolutely nailed it. The sitar was perhaps the best choice for the background music, because it gives a spooky rhythm to the song. Hearing it just fills up your heart with pity and pain for the person. And then starts the show stopping chorus at 01:01. From the moment Paul Durham takes a deep breath to start the chorus, to the moment he ever so slowly says ‘peace’ to end it; you are left absolutely awestruck. When I heard the chorus for the first time, my hair stood at it’s ends. It’s 35 seconds of pure awesomeness. The second stanza starts almost immediately post the chorus, and it ends just as quickly as it starts. The chorus starts for the second time, and you are left spellbound yet again. This time, the chorus is a bit longer (actually, WAY longer) than the first one. While the previous chorus has a duration of 35 seconds, this one’s a mammoth 1 minute and 22 seconds. But hey, we aren’t complaining, Are we? The song leaves us with goosebumps, and an involuntary hand action to hit repeat. This is one song you don’t want to miss, guys.

Rating: Will I give this song a 10/10? Well, does Monday come after Sunday? Is there a spaceship to go to the moon? Duh, yeah! This song will completely change the meaning of ‘alternative rock’ for you guys. Believe me, it did so for me!!

Mix some beautiful vocals, enigmatic sitar music, and a gorgeous chorus; and you’re served with an awesome song ‘This Night’, courtesy chef ‘Black Lab’.

Lyrics for ‘This Night’ :

Download link for ‘This Night’ : (Click ‘Download’ button)

Album Art

‘This Night’ is a song from the album ‘Passion Leaves a Trace’



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