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Bryan Adams is for his worldwide smash hit, Summer of ’69. He is known for his soothing, ‘musky’ voice. There are some songs of his which are quite unheard of; take Cloud #9 for example. Whenever I ask people which Bryan Adams’ songs they like, the most likely answers I get are: [1] Summer of ’69, [2] Everything I Do (I Do For You), and [3] Heaven/ Here I Am. So today, I decided to review a ‘less famous’, but an equally awesome song for you guys, and that’s Cloud #9. So let’s get to it!:

History: This song is a part of the 1998 album ‘On a Day Like Today’. This song was released as a single on April 30th, 1999. This song was also released on the B – side of the album ‘Best Of Me’ in late 1999. This song peaked at #6 in the UK charts and in the top 10 on the Ibiza charts. There are two versions released (actually three, but that’s a ‘Chika’ version; and it wasn’t quite popular), the 3 minute 55 seconds album version, and the 4 minute 12 seconds remix version (Sob!). The only thing I didn’t like about the song was the video. It kind of confused me. Everything is white, Bryan is with an Asian woman (painted white again), a white room, a white fridge, milk, white eggs, white paint, white tub, white chair, doves, white kettle, etc. The only thing NOT white was Bryan’s hair and his lips, which were given a horrifying DEEP red color.

What it tries to convey to us: Cloud #9 is another saying for ‘paradise’ or ‘A place where nothing can go wrong’. Love is supposed to be created in paradise. In this song, Bryan Adams has depicted cloud #9 as the relationship between him and his lover. Apparently, something is wrong up on cloud #9, i.e in their relationship. The song is a type of story in which he tries to rekindle their relationship by going up on cloud #9. They go up there, look down to the earth and see the stars, and they come back with a bond, stronger than ever.

Review: If it’s anything, it’s Bryan Adams’ beautiful voice that totally nails it. The background guitar is soft and gentle, giving the song a ‘country rock’ theme. The beats are also soft and peaceful. The bass is just perfect, not too much on the shrill side, and being a little towards the low side; but giving a pretty awesome booming effect. The lead guitar from 02:27 to 02:40 (Yes, I know it’s not much of a solo) is also sculpted to raise the mood of the song, because at this point the relationship between Bryan and his lover rekindles. Needless to say, the chorus is the most beautiful element of the song. It’s very subtle and mellow. Makes you feel as if you’re on cloud #9. If you are a soft rock fan, hey; this song is for you. Other genre listeners will also approve of this song very highly. Word of advice: Please don’t let your expectations down when you see the video. If you already have, you should be knowing what I mean.

Rating: The song (audio) is absolutely superb. Listen to the album version (I’m posting the download link below, as always). It’s much better than the remix one (well, duh!). The pros of the song are the vocals, the bass, and the background music (i.e the whole song itself). The one and only con, however, is the terrible music video. Gives the song a kind of psychedelic feel to it, and I didn’t like it. If we’re considering only audio, then it’s surely a 10/10. But if audio + video is to be considered, I’ll have to bring it down to 8/10. Do LISTEN to the song! It’s mind blowing!


Lyrics for ‘Cloud #9’ :

Download link for ‘Cloud #9’ : (Right Click anywhere on page, click ‘Save as’)

Album Art

Song from album ‘Best of Me’


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