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Fleetwood Mac is one of my favorite oldies rock bands. They were simply superb! I love all of their songs. “You Make Lovin’ Fun“, “Sara“, “Gypsy“, “Rhiannon“,”Dreams“; you name it, I’ve listened to it. My favorite album is, of course, “Rumours“. Of all my favorite songs, I love “The Chain” the most. According to me, it’s their best song. It’s got some kind of feel to it, which I just can’t seem to resist. From bass guitar solos, awesome lead guitar solos, mind blowing drums, and powerful lead and background vocals; THIS SONG HAS EVERYTHING A TRUE ROCK FAN WOULD WANT! It absolutely blows your brains out! So, let’s get to it!

History: “The Chain” is a song from Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 best ever selling album, “Rumours”. Interestingly, it’s the only song credited to all the five members of the band. While working on this song, the members split the work and then beautifully wove it together. The bass solo was done by John McVie and Mick Fleetwood; while Stevie Nicks wrote the lyrics, and Lindsey Buckingham changed the vocals from a single, to a duo (Actually its a trio). The ending bass solo is highly recognizable, because it was used as a theme track for  BBC‘s Formula One coverage. [Source : Wikipedia]


Fleetwood Mac

Review: The song starts with steady drum beats, a banjo and an acoustic guitar rift together. It goes along nicely, when suddenly it stops at 00:26, and resumes again, along with the vocal duo. The first stanza consists of only two lines, and Lindsey Buckingham starts the chorus at 00:51. The chorus is simply outstanding (It is sung in a trio). The tempo of the beats is increased, and Lindsey increases his tone by a pitch too. It sounds beautiful to your ears, just too good to be true. Lindsey has a very powerful and deep, commanding voice that suits the song perfectly. Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie have given the background vocals to perfection. There is a slight banjo tune you will hear in the second part of the chorus. The second stanza begins right after a brief instrumental (Just like in the beginning of the song), and ends abruptly at 01:28, just like at 00:26. This time however, the stanza is longer than the first one (Consisting of two more lines). The chorus begins again at 02:06, and is repeated twice (It keeps the intensity of the song intact). At 03:01, the most famous rift of the song begins – The bass guitar solo (Courtesy John McVie). And god, oh god; the solo ROCKS! The lead guitar slowly seeps in at 03:15 and gets louder by the second (Courtesy Lindsey Buckingham). That, combined with the awesome drumming of Mick Fleetwood, makes it a solo which is just IMPOSSIBLE to forget! It has highs and lows, and mids, and EVERYTHING! As the (Mind blowing) solo signals its end, the outro begins and keeps the feel of the song alive. The outro is also pure awesomeness! While McVie and Nicks sing “Chain keep us together”, Buckingham sings “Running in the shadows” in the shadows (Pun intended!). All this time, the solo is still ongoing (But in the background). The song ends slowly at 04:15. (As I always say) The song will slowly fade OUT from your ears, but slowly fade INTO your heart. PLEASE DON’T MISS THIS SONG, GUYS!!

Rating: 10/10! An excellent bass guitar rift, deep and powerful vocals, a superb lead guitar solo, a mind blowing trio chorus, and to top it all off, superb drums to keep the tempo alive. What else could a Rock song want? It doesn’t get any better than this!


Lyrics for “The Chain” :

Download link for “The Chain” : (Right click anywhere, and click “Save As”)


Album Art

“The Chain” is a song from “Rumours”


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