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Wow! It finally HAD to come to this! Simon & Garfunkel! What an astounding duo! The lyrics… WOW! The vocals… WOW! The melody… WOW! This duo was one to watch out for. Their songs had everything in them. With songs like “Scarborough Fair“, “Bridge Over Troubled Water“, “The Boxer“, “Homeward Bound” and “The Sound  Of Silence“; it was without a doubt that they were bound for fame. My personal favorite (And yours too, I bet) is “The Sound Of Silence”, which I’ll be reviewing today. So, let’s get to it!


(L-R) Art Garfunkel & Paul Simon

History: “The Sound Of Silence” was Simon & Garfunkel’s second most famous song (After “Bridge Over Troubled Water”) that propelled the Folk Rock band to fame. It was written in February 1964 by Paul Simon in the aftermath of the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy. This song was initially a part of their 1964 album, “Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.” but was postponed and added in their 1965 album “The Sounds Of Silence”. Later, “The Sounds Of Silence” was renamed to “The Sound Of Silence”. The duration (Studio Version) of the song is quoted to be 3 Minutes and 5 Seconds, but it’s actual duration is 3 Minutes and 9 Seconds (Minute details, remember?). The story of the origin of this song is a beautiful one. Just after the execution of Kennedy, Simon Paul was writing this song, According to him (And I quote) “The main thing about playing the guitar, though, was that I was able to sit by myself and play and dream. And I was always happy doing that. I used to go off in the bathroom, because the bathroom had tiles, so it was a slight echo chamber. I’d turn on the faucet so that water would run — I like that sound, it’s very soothing to me — and I’d play. In the dark. ‘Hello darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again’.” Amazing, isn’t it?

Review: First, I’d like you to scroll down and open the lyrics in a new tab. Then, I want you to download the song (I’ve provided the link below) and I want you to read the lyrics while the song is playing. Now you know how difficult it is for me to write this review! I’ll try my best and try not to disappoint. The lyrics are (Simply put) “WOW!”. Seriously, I don’t think anyone has written songs any better than Paul Simon. The elegance, the grace, the vocabulary, and above all; the feel of his words- It just melts your heart away. Anyways, the song starts with a soothing guitar melody, and at 00:03, Simon & Garfunkel make this song an unforgettable one because of their vocals. They’re (The vocals) are just amazing too- Soft, subtle and haunting. When I heard this song for the first time in my life, and when I heard the lines “Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again”, I fell in love with this song. “The Sound Of Silence” is undoubtedly my dad’s most favorite song. I mean, come on. Can a song get any better than this? I guess not. The background rhythm consists of a plucking guitar, and nothing else. Finally the beats settle in at 00:39, along with “With restless dreams I walk alone (WOW! The lyrics!)”. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear an off-tune guitar tone; but it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter at all. The lyrics are so goddamn awesome that you forget everything else in the song. The vocals are majority Simon, but Garfunkel adds his voice sometimes. “Silence, like a cancer grows” (01:52). Just love that phrase! There’s really no chorus in this song, except the occasional “Sounds of silence” at the ending of each stanza. You’ll never know how many stanza’s have gone by; as they all are TOO GOOD to be true. The vocals end with the lines “And whispered in the sounds of silence”. The ending of the song is soft and haunting. It’s one of my favorite parts of the song, actually. Listen to song from 02:52 to 03:01 and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Rating: How did you even think I’d give this song anything below 10? Mind blowing lyrics! In fact, these may just be the best lyrics ever. A perfect 10/10 for this truly wonderful song!


Lyrics for “The Sound Of Silence”

Download link for “The Sound Of Silence” (Right click on link, click “Save Link/Target As”)

Album Art

“The Sound Of Silence” is a song from the album “Sounds Of Silence”


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