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(Note to all my readers: Sorry guys, I was out of station for a couple of
days, so I couldn’t update my blog regularly. Sure, the hotel did have Wi-fi,
but hey; who wants to write blogs with your parents watching over your
back? Anyways, I’m back now. I’ll be kicking off the song reviews with one
of my unsung heroes, Al Stewart.)

This guy is is one of those awesome people who never shot to fame (Very unfortunate!). He gained some fame with his most famous hit till date, viz. “Year Of The Cat“. Personally, I don’t like that song too much (Maybe it’s just me). His most talked about song (And my personal favorite) however, is “On The Border”. I mean, the lyrics this song contains can turn literally Medusa into stone! But unfortunately, it’s not really famous globally. Hell, even Wikipedia doesn’t have any information concerning this song! Now you can only imagine how infamous this song is! Any how, I absolutely adore this song! I’ll be reviewing it today, and make sure you guys download it and listen to it! It’s really awesome! So, Let’s get to it!


Al Stewart (Singer)


History: Well, now that Wikipedia doesn’t have any information containing “On The Border”, I I rummaged around and found some information. This song is from Al Stewart’s 1995 album “On The Border”. There are two versions of this song; one being the 3 Minute 24 Seconds Album Version, and the 4 Minutes 34 Seconds Live Version. I prefer the live version over the studio edit because it has more of those seductive Spanish guitar rifts.What it tries to convey to us: The meaning of the song is basically very easy to understand. It’s more of a ballad, if you ask me. It’s a story of the war of Spain, and how their people smuggled arms and guns over the harsh Spanish seas. Really touching, this. An epic tale of loyalty towards the country, valor and courage.

Review: I’ll be reviewing the Live Version of the song for you guys today, but I’ll also provide the Original Edit Version, just for comparing. Lyrics, as always, will be there. The song starts with an awesome Spanish guitar solo, and it’s sure to blow your mind. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it resembles the music in the movie ‘The Mask Of Zorro’ (Or maybe just because it’s Spanish!). The actual song music starts at 01:05; and it’s received by a HUGE applause and some cheering too. The beats settle into the song at 01:24. The tune of the song is exquisite, and I personally really like it. It’s a whole new breed of guitar rifts for me (At first, I wasn’t quite familiar with the Spanish guitar, but WOW, did it blow my mind!). The vocals (Al Stewart) start at 01:34. With his typical Scottish accent, Stewart mesmerizes us with his voice, and it’s softness. An awesome fact about Al Stewart is that all of his songs are based on an old, historical event. He was prominent for one of this quality he possessed. The lyrics of this songs are really something else. With that I must say, the English language used in this song is really simple, but damn, does it make an impact. Being a poet myself, I really envy Al Stewart for his skill of writing songs in an easy, but charismatic language (I wish I could write something like that!). Anyways, there’s a short (But really awesome) Spanish guitar bridge from 01:52 to 02:01. I have to say, the two things that this song has, which drove me crazy were the Spanish guitar, and the awesome vocals. The beats are soft, and go very well with the Spanish guitar. The second short interlude commences from 02:37 to 02:49, and Al Stewart picks up immediately. Throughout the song, there’s an addition of some cheesy guitar rifts, which sort of seem to tease you, and keep you on the edge (Check out the rift at 03:18, and you’ll know what I’m talking about). The third, and the final instrumental rift starts at 03:24, and as always, it completely blows you away. Al Stewart sings the first stanza once again, and then chants “On The Border” for 3 times, before the Spanish guitar takes over and finishes things off in style. The song ends at 04:20, with the following of some applause.

Rating: Are you kidding me? Awesome lyrics, great vocals, sexy Spanish guitar rifts all blended in one to make the perfect musical smoothie, and you think I’d give it anything less than 10? Never! 10/10! Must listen, this song! Go for it, guys! I bet you’ll love it!


Lyrics for “On The Border” :

Download link for “On The Border (Live Version)” :

Download link for “On The Border (Studio Version)” :

Album Art

“On The Border” is a song from Al Stewart’s album titled “On The Border”




  1. On the Border was also included in The Year of the Cat album (1976). The album On the Border was a compilation album of other releases (1998). I agree, one of my favorites.

    • Thanks for correcting me, raincity1! And yes, ‘On The Border’ is DEFINITELY one of my favorite songs! Keep posted! More awesome reviews coming your way!

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