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Aah! Madonna! The undisputed Queen of Pop! Truth be told, this woman has developed a habit of delivering hit after hit. Her journey from “Like A Virgin” to the recent “Give Me All Your Luvin” has been one like never before. Never did she look back on her failures (Which were VERY rare). An interesting fact about her is that she is the only Pop artist who has undergone the most number of makeovers. After all, she is known as the Queen of Pop. She’s known worldwide for her sizzling on-screen presence, her cheesy lyrics and high tempo songs. Well, although she has a HUGE number of hits in her pocket, my personal favorite is “True Blue“. It’s really innocent, and the song is… I don’t know, it’s jut REALLY addictive. It’s her 5th best song ever. I’ll be reviewing this song today. So, let’s get to it!

Madonna (Singer)

Madonna (Singer)


History:True Blue” is the third single from Madonna’s third studio album, True Blue, which was released on September 29, 1986. The song is actually originally written by Steve Bray. It was well received by the critics, who dismissed the song as “A cute and light-hearted” retro song. This song topped almost everywhere! It peaked at the penultimate position (No. 1 position, duh!) in the U.K., Ireland and Canada. It also went on to peak at Number 3 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart. It received a Platinum certification in Australia, Gold in U.S., and Silver in U.K. and France. For the complete list of peak positions (There are a LOT!), click here. The video is a 50’s inspired theme, and it’s really cute. I’ll provide the Youtube link below, too. Madonna dedicated this song to Sean Penn, her husband back then.

What it tries to convey to us: It’s a uber easy song to understand. It’s about a girl who falls in love for the first time with (Whom she thinks is) the man of her dreams.

Review: As always, Madonna has started this song off with high tempo drum beats and a keyboard and synthesizer rift added in between. With the occasional addition of “Hey!” (00:08) and “Listen” (00:14), the song becomes REALLY lively, and being a ‘Pop- Dance’ genre, it makes you want to dance (No, seriously!). The background vocalists also add an extra charm to the song. Actually, it’s the background vocalists who adhere to the song when Madonna goes off-track and sings out of the blue (Pun very much intended!). Anyways, she starts the vocals at 00:18. She has resorted to the voice of an innocent, 18 year old girl for this song, and BOY, has she delivered! The vocals are ever so cute, and the music just adds to the innocence of this song. That’s what make “True Blue” really click in our minds – the innocence. The first chorus starts at 00:49. The song is very fast paced, so you’ll hardly notice the verses go by. The second chorus will start at 01:38. but you’ll feel as if the first one didn’t even end. This time, the chorus is looped and played twice, with the addition of some strong background vocals in the second loop. Madonna then starts with her ‘vocal bridge’ (As I call it) at 02:12, and “True Love, Oh Baby” is looped from 02:26 to 02:42. The third stanza commences at 02:43 and ends, only for the chorus to begin again at 03:15. This time, the chorus is made cheesier with the addition of some strong background vocals. The “La la la la” makes the song REALLY innocent (I mean, just picture it. An 18 year old girl [Not this generation’s 18 year old, though], strolling down the street, singing about her first love and saying “La la la la”. You can’t help but smile at the thought). The song progresses in the same tempo, and gradually fades out at 04:05 (Ends at 04:17). After the song ends, I always smile to myself, imagining that young girl strolling down the street. Listen to the song; I’m sure it’ll have the same effect on you too!

Rating: A flat-out 10/10! Innocence filled to the brim! Awesome tempo, and REALLY awesome vocals, courtesy The Queen of Pop, Madonna. Really, they don’t make songs like these anymore!! Go eat your heart out on this one guys! Enjoy!


Lyrics for “True Blue” :

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Album Art

“True Blue” is a song from Madonna’s album “True Blue”



  1. Don’t we all know how this feels! “It’s about a girl who falls in love for the first time with (whom she thinks is) the man of her dreams.”
    Great review 🙂

    • Thanks a ton Dianne! And yes, I totally agree with you. I mean, who wouldn’t think that way? It’s a really innocent and retro song! It just clicks so much!

  2. I absolutely love this song. I was a young teen when this was released and I remember being so excited when my brother bought me the True Blue cassette (yes, cassette) tape for Christmas. I hadn’t heard this song for years. Thanks for bringing back the memories of this oldie but goodie.

  3. I was a fan of Madonna during these years – great memories! Thanks, too, for visiting/following my blog.

  4. Madonna has been so much a part of the pop scene for such a long time. She’s amazing!

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