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Now here’s one song which rings as the most prominent favorite among helpless romantics. Slurry, drowsy and impossibly powerful vocals by Chris Isaak, and a psychedelic tune which will trip even the most sober person in the bar- “Wicked Game“. I really love this song because of the impact it has on me (Note: I’m NOT a die-hard romantic! Listening to the song allows me to experience what those helpless romantics feel). The song has a type of hypnotic feel to it (I know it’s got a psychedelic tune!), and I’m afraid if this song is played during the prom or on the slow dance floor, the two people are destined to become lifelong lovers. The “I Wanna Feel In Love With You” Chris Isaak chants is, in my opinion; a subconscious command to become infatuated with the person close to you. I’ve made up my mind, I need to add some songs to the ‘Soft Rock’ category; and this is going straight into it! So, let’s get started!

Chris Isaak

History: “Wicked Game” is a song from Chris Isaak’s 1989 album titled “Heart Shaped World” (Now do you see what a romantic Chris Isaak was? Heart shaped world? Only ultra-romantics would think in this way!). Although it was released again as a single in 1989 itself, it didn’t hit bull’s-eye. Then it happened. “Wicked Game” starred in the movie “Wild At Heart” (David Lynch) in 1990. A serious topic arises here. What is it with people? They see this movie, and as the credits are rolling, some awesome song comes on. And all of a sudden, you’re using Shazam, or asking one of your friends about the title of the song. Typical human nature! (It happened to me too, when I watched ‘Fast Five‘ with my pals, and ‘That’s How We Roll’ played as the credits started.) Anyways, back from the human paraphernalia, “Wicked Game” quickly climbed the charts, and peaked at Number 6 on the Billiboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart. For more peak positions, click here. The video also created a number of ‘sparks’ (Ahem!). The official video shows Chris Isaak himself and model Helena Christensen ‘frolicking’ in the sand; BOTH TOPLESS! (The clever camera angles concealed nudity, though. Whew!)  The video won the MTV Video Music Awards for Best Male VideoBest Cinematography and Best Video from a Film. It was ranked with a position of #13 on VH1‘s 100 Greatest Videos and was also ranked #4 on VH1‘s 50 Sexiest Video Moments. The video was ranked #73 on Rolling Stone magazine’s “The 100 Top Music Videos”, and ranked #1 on Fuse‘s “40 Sexiest Videos” in 2010. It has also been used in many sitcoms and movies. For more details, click here.

Review: Okay, imagine (Or actually do) this. Go to a room that would surely make you claustrophobic, and enclose yourself in complete darkness. Then, turn on a bright (And I mean VERY bright) red or blue light bulb, take a chair; and listen to this song on a stereo. I guarantee you’ll feel a splitting headache and eyes full of tears (Of sadness or fear) when the song ends! In sense, “Wicked Game” is a psychedelic-soft rock mixture. The start of the song itself makes you groan. It’s too damn trippy! As the bass and the electric guitar continue, it gradually gets sober; and when it reaches a point where it’s just about to achieve ‘soberness’, Chris Isaak kicks in with his vocals at 00:36. And DAMN, does his voice do damage! The first bridge (viz. “I wanna fall in love”) starts at 01:09. There’s a faint buzz of background vocals during the bridge. The second stanza commences at 01:45; And at 02:02, it really hits me. When he (Chris Isaak) says “What A Wicked Thing To Say, You Never Felt This Way”, I really melt from inside. Just imagine, if I’m an anti-romantic, and this song has such an effect on me, what would the die-hard romantics feel? The second verse starts with “What A Wicked…”. The second bridge starts at 02:19, and continues to chew your brains inside out. And it finally appears. The meaning of ‘Psychedelic’ will change forever at 02:37. It’s strong and trippy, but wonderfully addictive. This instrumental interlude lasts till 03:10, and Chris Isaak takes over for the third (And final) stanza. The song signals it’s end with the beginning of his third bridge, and a ‘fairly’ listenable guitar rift. The song ends with “Nobody Loves No One (SO TRUE! SNIFF!)”.

Rating: Incredibly psychedelic tune, a bitter-sweet guitar rift, and a voice that could melt chocolate. Who wouldn’t like to listen to this with a glass of imported scotch or whiskey, and grieve upon on all the love ones one has lost? A perfect 10/10! Believe me, you’ll develop a real love-hate relationship with song!


Lyrics for “Wicked Game” :

Download link for “Wicked Game” : (Right click on link, click “Save Link/ Target As”)

Youtube link for “Wicked Game (Official Video)” :


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  1. This is one of those songs that hits you out of the blue when you’re in a pub or a restaurant and you think – oh, I love this! I don’t have Chris Isaak in my collection, but every time I hear him it reminds me to add it – you’ve just reminded me again. Thank you 🙂

    • No problem! My pleasure! Do listen to his album titled “Heart Shaped World”. Some of the most romantic songs I’ve ever heard are in that album. Try it out! And as always, stay posted!

      • I’m always hovering around your blog – can’t wait for the next review 🙂

      • No problem! I’ll update it tonight, or most probably tommorrow! And thanks again!

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