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Probably one of the most played club songs globally, “Believe” is, without a doubt, Cher’s best song till date. This song really brings back memories. I still clearly remember that day (12th December, 2010; to be precise!) when we were in Goa, on the ‘Baga‘ beach. It was night, the recliners were put out on the soft beach sand; and this song was playing away in the background, while me and a few of my friends were relaxing, sipping soft drinks (Come on! I was 16 back then!). Anyways, “Believe” remains one of the most frequently played songs in parties or clubs. It’s an absolute must – have on party goer’s playlists. That music, that DEEP, DEEP voice; just makes you want to dance. Best party hit of the 90’s, if you ask me. Though Cher is still active today, she doesn’t have that ‘drive’ in her anymore. This is, and will always remain my favorite Cher song, and hence I’m reviewing it today. So, let’s get to it!



History: “Believe” is the lead song from Cher‘s 1998 album “Believe” (It was her 23rd studio album). It went on to become one of the world’s most selling hits,selling over 10 MILLION singles worldwide! Whew! It also won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording at the 42nd Grammy Awards. It also received a nomination for Record of the Year. It became famous worldwide because of the heavy usage of (What all rappers use nowadays) the ‘Auto – Tune‘ effect. It was certified Platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), selling more than 1 million in the U.S. The song performed like no other worldwide. It peaked at the Number 1 position in over 23 countries! There are a LOT more achievements this song has accomplished, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to complete them in a single day. Click here for the detailed achievements. There is only one version of this song, viz. the 3 Minutes 58 Seconds Studio Version. [Source: Wikipedia]

Review: The song starts of with a synthesizer rift and some extra ‘Dance Pop’ effects. The ‘After Love’ loop starts at 00:16, and increases in volume every time, and decreases again (It’s like a sinusoidal wave). The beats (The minor ones) set in at 00:14. The main beats take over at 00:28; the exact time when Cher starts her first stanza. The beats are really fast, and the song is extremely fast paced. Well, about the vocals – Totally speechless! Cher has this REALLY deep voice, which just magnetizes you to her songs. The beats are one thing, but her voice.. It totally steals the show! Add to that the notorious ‘Auto – Tune’ effect, and you’re ready to make a chart busting global phenomenon! The first chorus begins at 00:57, and it’s the chorus which actually wins the hearts of many a people. That’s probably because it has the maximum Auto Tune effect added in the vocals. Anyways, there’s the second stanza starting from 01:27, and it ends like a breeze. Those ‘pre-chorus’ lines are really captivating, using heavy amounts of the Auto Tune effect. And just like that, the chorus starts yet again at 01:58. Now comes the vocal interlude part at 02:25. the pitch of the vocals are much higher this time, and the beats change their rhythm significantly. At 02:53 comes the exciting part. The pitch of the vocals suddenly drops below normal, but it gradually increases with every loop of “Do You Believe In Life After Love, I Can Feel Something In Me Say, I Really Don’t Think You’re Strong Enough Now”. The beats also increase in their tempo, and at 03:21, the beats and the pitch merge together again and the normal chorus begins. I call this technique the ‘sinusoidal wave’, and it is used in MOSTLY all of the Pop songs today. The song starts fading off at 03:42, and ends at 03:58.

Rating: It’s one of THE best club/dance songs ever made. Cher has really created a masterpiece here. A perfect, rounded off 10/10 for this song! Highly recommended to all of you guys! And yes, do sharpen up your dance moves; and be the center of everyone’s attention the next time you hit the club!


Lyrics for “Believe” :

Download link for “Believe” : (Right Click on link, click “Save Link/Target As”)

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  1. 1998 – oh my god! Now I feel old ;D
    Cher has always been a classic to me. Since her and Sonny hit the scene many moons ago she’s been an inspiration to anyone who wants to get out and take on the world!

    • Hehe! Come on! The song is almost 15 years old! It is old in my context! But hey, you can’t argue with the fact that this is one of THE best Dance Pop songs out there, period. Stick around, more awesome reviews coming your way!

  2. I conceive you’ve remarked some quite fascinating details , appreciate it for the post.

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