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This has to be (Or rather is) THE best romantic song of all time! Ever since it starred in the Blockbuster movie ‘Ghost‘ for the first time, this song went on to break records (And millions of hearts) everywhere. This also makes it to the top spot of my list of the Best Love Songs Of All Time. The song itself is enough to cause an emotional breakdown, add to that the clay – making scene from ‘Ghost’, and you’re officially a total wreck. The movie makes me cry every time, and the song just worsens my condition! The lyrics are ever so beautiful, and the vocals coupled with the music… They just don’t make songs like these anymore, do they? Well, enough said. It’s time to get down to reviewing! So, let’s get to it!

The Righteous Brothers

The Righteous Brothers


History: The actual “Unchained Melody” was composed by Alex North (Lyrics composed by Hy Zaret) in 1955. With an estimated spawning of more than 500 Cover Versions (Dumbstruck!) in more than a hundred different languages, it became one of the most recorded songs of the era. Alex North first used the musical piece in a prison film named “Unchained”, wherein Todd Duncan sang the vocals for the film soundtrack. Although the various versions topped the charts, the real chart ripper was the 1965 released “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers. And after it was released in the 1990 movie ‘Ghost’, this song became a total cult hit. For the complete chart performance, click here. The Studio Version (Righteous Brothers’ Version) has a span of 3 Minutes 15 Seconds.

What it tries to convey to us: The theme of the song is about a man who is prevented from physical contact from his loved one, in its original context by being in prison, and in Swayze’s role by being a ghost.

Review: As all the previous masterpieces, this one’s no exception. It’s really going to be tough to review! Well, here goes!

The vocals start as soon as the song initiates, and BOY do they make an impact! Bobby Hatfield has absolutely nailed it! The vocals have SO much emotion! The song starts with the lines “Woooah, my love…”, and you can literally feel his feelings when he sings; it’s that good. The lyrics.. Impeccable! Totally astounded! Try “Time Goes By So Slowly, And Time Can Do So Much” (00:29 – 00:45) on for size. The dedication Bobby Hatfield has put into this song is unlike any other. I don’t think anyone else has given their songs such a beautiful, deep, emotional and ‘original’ voice back then, and now. Another simply astounding part of the song is the pre – chorus part (You know, the “I Need Your Love, To Live” part). The emotion this song carries is clearly evident when Hatfield sings the “I Need Your Love” for the first time. He goes WAY up, then comes WAY down again. (00:55 – 01:01), and it sounds just glorious. The first chorus.. Well, actually; the first chorus is left incomplete. The actual chorus starts for the first time at 01:56. There isn’t much of background music too. Just soft beats, and haunting piano rifts. The real star of the show is the magnificent voice of Bobby Hatfield. The chorus (Which is about an entire minute long) ends at 02:52, and the ending loop of “I Need Your Love To Live” begins right after it. The song MAY seem slow to you, but in real, it’s really fast paced. You hardly ever notice when the song actually ended. Who knows? Maybe it’s those magical lyrics, and/or that mystical musical tune that seems to stop time itself. Another haunting piano rift is initiated at 03:15, and it slowly fades off as the beats decrease in pitch, but increase in tempo. The song ends at 03:38.

Rating: A perfect 10/10! Earlier, I had mentioned “Wicked Game” as ONE of the best romantic songs. But this? This just nails it! Best Love Song ever! A must listen for people who haven’t done so yet (Although I highly doubt there are any)!


Lyrics for “Unchained Melody” :

Download link for “Unchained Melody” : (Right Click on link, click “Save Link/Target As”)

Album Art

“Unchained Melody” is a song from The Righteous Brothers’ album “The Very Best Of The Righteous Brothers”




  1. LOVE this song! The only time I don’t croon when I hear it is when someone sings it at karaoke 🙂

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