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Okay, let me be really frank here. I didn’t even know Europe until 2004 (Guilty as charged!). The first time I heard them was when I was in the fourth grade. I still remember it clearly – I was in a gathering, where a bunch of my friends had decided to perform a small skit. The theme song was, of course, the musical version of “The Final Countdown“. From that day onwards, the song was embedded in my brain. But the problem was, no one knew the title of the song. At last, I finally got acquainted with the song in 2006, when my older sister played it on her computer. Ah, the memories! Today, I’ll be reviewing “The Final Countdown”, for reliving those cherished days. So, let’s get to it!


Europe [L-R] : Ian Haugland, Mic Michaeli, John Norum, Joey Tempest, John Levén


History: “The Final Countdown” is a song from Europe’s 1986 album, “The Final Countdown“. Performance wise, it tore through the charts, and reached Number 1 in over 25 countries! How cool is that? It peaked at Number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and Number 18 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. “The Final Countdown” was released in the spring of 1986 and became the most successful song from The Final Countdown (Album) on the American rock charts and as well as the band’s most recognizable and popular song (It was undoubtedly their signature song). For the complete chart performance, click here. There are two versions of this song, one being the 5 Minute 9 Seconds Album Version (Which I’ll be reviewing) and the other being 4 Minutes 3 Seconds Radio Edit Version.

Review: The song starts with some rumbling noises (Till today, I really couldn’t make out what the instrument is. If you guys know which one, please leave the answer in the comments). Then the legendary instrumental music (It’s a piano rift, actually) starts at 00:13. It’s what made this song so famous. The tune is REALLY catchy, and becomes more so once the beats kick in at 00:51. The momentum of the song is suddenly disrupted at 01:18, and Joey Tempest initiates the vocals at 01:26. Another thing about the beats. It raises the tempo of the song quite considerably; and helps it stay fast paced. The vocals are well suited for this song; the tone being a little submissive, but packing enough punch. It accentuates the rhythm of the song perfectly. The first chorus starts at 01:57, and ends like a breeze. Just like that, the second stanza begins (02:15); and you never knew what hit you. The tempo of the song is just amazing! (An ideal workout song!) The second chorus starts at 02:46, succeeded by the groovy tune, and a little bit of “Final Countdown” chanted here and there. The whole song momentarily turns around at 03:12, and then an EPIC guitar solo is initiated from 03:16. It’s absolutely stunning. It’s got a kind of monotonous tune to it, but accompanied by some really fast shredding; and a REALLY well executed loop (03:32 – 03:39). The guitar solo merges with the piano rift at 03:49, and it all comes together again at 04:09. The stanza’s end there itself; and it’s actually an instrumental rift from 04:09 till the ending, with the exception of the addition of those “It’s The Final Countdown” parts in between. The song fades off at 04:56, and ends at 05:09.

Rating: The REALLY addictive piano rift, hardcore beats, awesome vocals and an astounding guitar solo make “The Final Countdown” easily eligible for the 10/10 it deserves! Go listen to this one guys!


Lyrics for “The Final Countdown” :

Download link for “The Final Countdown” : (Right Click on link, click “Save Target/Link As”)


Album Art

“The Final Countdown” is a song from Europe’s album titled “The Final Countdown”




  1. Strangely enough I know this song well – but never knew it was by a band called ‘Europe’ !

    • I had the same problem you were.. I heard the song first when I was in the fourth grade, but knew the name of the song and the artists in 2006!! Well, many people around the world have supposedly listened to the song, but never known what the name was.. Don’t worry Dianne, you and I aren’t the only people who didn’t know the song title!! It was like an epidemic!! 🙂

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