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What do you visualize when you hear the name of “The Who”? Violence – Sheer Violence! Destruction everywhere! But wait, there’s more. There’s a side of The Who very few know. Although there aren’t many ‘Soft’ songs by their name, this one totally nails it. In fact, it’s my favorite song by The Who. Sure, “Baba O’ Riley” or “My Generation” are awesome songs; but according to me, NONE of their songs can top this one. So, let’s get started!


The Who [L-R]: Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Keith Moon, John Entwistle

History: “Behind Blue Eyes” is the second song from The Who’s 1971 album titled “Who’s Next”. The song is one of The Who’s most well known recordings and has been covered by many artists, especially Limp Bizkit. It did pretty well all over globally, but not as quite as well as “Baba O’ Riley” or others. It did, however, peak in the Top 5 positions in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden (No. 1) and Switzerland. Whew! For the complete chart performance and year end performance, click here. An interesting fact – “Behind Blue Eyes” was going to be C.S.I: NY’s OST (Opening Sound Track), but the director went along with “Baba O’ Riley”. There is only one version of the song – The Studio Version, running for 3 Minutes and 42 Seconds. [Source : Wikipedia]

Review: The song starts off with a mellow acoustic guitar rift, with the vocals (Roger Daltrey) following suit at 00:07. This song is really different from the other ‘disturbing’ ones by The Who, as more than three quarters of this song is Soft. The lyrics are gravity defying. No, seriously! Go check them out! The tempo of the song is slow, and the vocals are also just perfect. The second stanza starts at 01:13. Throughout the mellow part, you can hear background vocals and an arpeggiated acoustic guitar rift. Even though the song is soft, there are plenty of mean punches like “And I Blame You”.. My favorite part of the slow part is the vocal interlude (“But My Dreams…”). The song finally comes  out into the open  at 02:18 after a “Hmm” by Roger. The song transforms from a mellow one to a rock anthem within no time; with the mean lyrics consistent. I don’t know why, but the ending guitar rift sounds awfully similar to the one in “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. Am I the only one who thinks that?

Rating: A perfect 10/10 for this masterpiece! Never tired of listening to this one!

Lyrics link for “Behind Blue Eyes” :

Download link for “Behind Blue Eyes” :

Album Art

“Behind Blue Eyes” is the second single from The Who’s album “Who’s Next”



  1. This is very freaky! This song was on the radio (we’re in the car on our road trip’) when I opened this post! *insert music from the Twilight Zone here*!!!!!

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