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It was finally over. A week of hardcore studying finally paid off; and me, along with a bunch of my friends were partying at a famous CadB (It’s a THICK Chocolate shake – I’ll give you the recipe if you want!) joint. As I payed for my chocolate shake and headed back to join my friends, my feet froze in their place, and I perched my ears almost involuntarily. The sound of a girl? Nah. The sound of music? Hell yes! I followed blindly, as the music led me (Imagine the Tom & Jerry scene, where Jerry follows the ‘trail’ of the smell of cheese) to it’s master. I stumbled upon a boy named Chinmay, and he was listening to this extraordinary song. We hit it off almost instantly, as we both loved English music (He’s a little more into the ‘Akon‘ and ‘Dr. Dre‘ stuff; but hey, he still loves English music, right?) As I investigated on and asked him about the song, he said it was from a band called ‘Five Finger Death Punch’. He sent me the song via his phone on to mine; and all I could do for the rest of the day was listen to the song; learning it by heart (As I always do). There was something about this song that clicked. Really clicked. I mean, it’s a new age Rock band, it couldn’t possibly pull off such an amazing song, right? Wrong. I smiled inwardly as I said to myself, “Rahul old pal, REAL English music still isn’t dead!” And that, my friends; is how I met “Far From Home”, a stunning song from “Five Finger Death Punch”. So, let’s get to it!

Five Finger Death Punch (Band)

Five Finger Death Punch [L-R]: Zoltán Báthory, Jason Hook, Darrell Roberts, Jeremy Spencer, (Sitting) Ivan Moody

History:Far From Home” is a song from a not-so-famous (At least in India) Heavy Metal band, known as “Five Finger Death Punch“, or often abbreviated as “FFDP”. The album which it belongs to is called “War Is The Answer“, which was released on September 16, 2010. It did pretty well on the music charts (Compared to the other songs in this blog, it’s nothing), starting off as the Number 33 song on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs, but eventually scaling the Number 4 summit. It also debuted at Number 45 on the Billboard Rock Songs chart peaked at Number 14 eventually. It was also featured in the ending song track of “Criminal Minds” [Source: Wikipedia]

Review: Before I start the review, let me make one thing ABSOLUTELY clear. There is NO screaming, growling, (And whatever else) etc. in this song. Though the name of the band may suggest otherwise, listening to this song will keep you coming back for more. Now that the fact is cleared, let’s move on, shall we?

The song starts off with an acoustic guitar rift, coupled with a bass rift too. A word of warning – even though the song is soft, the bass is pretty heavy. Keep your headset volume to medium while listening to this one, guys! Moving on, the vocals are initiated at 00:12. The vocals are just AMAZING. The pitch and command Ivan Moody has on the his songs is just out of this world! They’re sharp, crisp, loud and to the point. The lyrics… WOW! No words to describe them. They’ve got a on-the-razor’s-edge feeling to them. Fun fact – There is NO chorus in this song; I repeat: THERE IS NO CHORUS IN THIS SONG! There’s a pre-chorus (You can call it that!) which is looped from time to time, but it’s NOT the chorus. I cross-checked with many a websites, and their say was no different than mine. The first vocal interlude (I’m comfortable with this) starts at 00:34. As soon as you hear it, mark my words – YOU’LL LOVE IT. “And It’s Almost Like, You’re Heaven’s Trying Everything To Keep Me Out” – any other explanation required? Good. I thought so! There’s a slight synthesizer rift after the pre-chorus, and the song takes it’s original shape from 00:51 (The second chorus is also initiated from here). There are mild electrical interludes in the background, but you’ll hardly notice them. Again, the vocals and the lyrics – 10/10! The song moves ever so beautifully along with the drum beats (Courtesy Jeremy Spencer). There’s this one thing I find really iconic in this song – whenever Ivan Moody wants to elaborate on a line, he raises his pitch – and it’s done seamlessly. The second interlude starts at 01:17, only this time it’s accompanied by the electric guitars. It’s looped twice, and then starts another awesome part of the song – the solo (01:50). It’s got SO much intensity, you feel the solo talking to you. The magnificent solo ends by blending by Moody’s voice (Third interlude initialization) at 02:23. The interlude is looped from thereafter till the end of the song. All throughout, it never loses it’s momentum, and just keeps delivering punch after punch. Moody fades his pitch at 03:11, with the final “You’re Heaven’s Trying Everything; You’re Heaven’s Trying Everything To Break Me Down”. An unforgettable experience, this is!

Rating: Mind blowing vocals, accompanied with superb lyrics, beats and grooves; and an awesome solo to top it all off. This song is the flagship that proves to us – REAL ENGLISH MUSIC IS NOT YET DEAD! 10/10 to this masterpiece! FFDP, you’ve just earned yourself a new follower! Listen to this one, guys! It’s a must-listen-to!


Lyrics for “Far From Home”

Download link for “Far From Home” (Right Click on link. click “Save Link/Target As”)


Album Art

“Far From Home” is a song from FFDP’s album “War Is The Answer”



  1. This is fantastic – there’s nothing better than finding new music!

    So glad your back on the scene 😀

    • Thanks Dianne! Even I’m stunned. All along, I used to think ‘Eminem’ and ‘Li’l Wayne’ had taken over the music industry, but this song just proves that Real English songs are alive. They still have a fighting chance! 🙂

  2. Not familiar with them, but their picture sure doesn’t encourage me to meet them for a beer anytime soon…………

    • Intimidating as it may be, the song is really awesome! Be sure to check it out. It’s completely contradictory to their band picture! 🙂 Go check it out!

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