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Blast from the past! One of my favorite Soft Rock songs, “Yellow River” has a tune that has you hooked the moment you hear it. I’ll be honest to you guys. Truth is, I had forgotten about this song completely; but it was my friend’s father who helped me piece my memory back together. I was at his house, and we were eating dinner, when suddenly, his phone rang; and VIOLA – The ringtone was “Yellow River”. Fate really is creepy, isn’t it? I felt like shouting “Eureka, I got it!” as soon as I remembered which song it was. Anyways, stories aside; let’s get on with the review, shall we?



History:Yellow River” is a song from Christie‘s self-titled album, “Christie”. It was one of the most famous songs Christie ever produced, and still is. The song was written by the band’s lead guitarist and vocalist, Jeff Christie. The song was released on 23rd April 1970, and quickly gained popularity. It soared to the Number 1 position in Ireland, U.K., and Norway (Number 2 in Germany, and Number 4 in Netherlands and Switzerland). However, as fate has it, the song didn’t pan out too well in the U.S., reaching a commendable Number 23 as the peak position (Is it just me, or has anyone noticed that a song which does very well in the U.S., fails to perform on the U.K. charts, and vice versa?) The song also has various cover versions made out of it, some of the prominent ones being the R.E.M version and the Elton John version. The song spans for 2 Minutes and 48 Seconds. The video shows Christie (Band) sailing down thew river Thames in a barge. [Source: Wikipedia]

What it tries to convey to us: The song tells us about a young soldier who has just finished his service in the United States Civil War, and is now looking forward to meeting his family, the house being located on Yellow River.

Review: The song is very fast paced, and VERY, VERY addictive. Be warned people, once you listen to this song, getting it out of your head is next to impossible. Okay, so the song starts off with a bass guitar rift, which then turns into a tri-instrumental interlude (Which is he base rhythm of the song), and fades into the background as Jeff Christie takes over the vocals (00:07). The feel of the song is really upbeat, and it puts a warm smile on one’s face. Before you know it, the first chorus begins at 00:37. The chorus is the most addictive part of the song. You just CAN’T get it off your head! The way the vocals and the rhythm change makes the chorus irresistible. There is hardly a gap between the chorus and the second stanza (2 seconds, to be precise!), so en garde! The chorus starts again (The gap between the two choruses seems like 10 seconds, bu it’s actually 30 seconds. This is what happens when a song is fast paced – You completely lose track of time. Back to the review, the chorus is looped twice, followed by a bass and Country style guitar interlude (Banjo, I guess? Correct me if I’m wrong), and the song ends in the same fashion.

Rating: We have a straight on winner here! A hands-down 10/10 for this goldie oldie! A must listen to, guys!

Lyrics For “Yellow River”

Download Link For “Yellow River” (Right Click on link, click “Save Link/Target As”)

Album Art

“Yellow River” is a song from Christie’s self – titled album “Christie”



  1. hah, the reasons songs do well in UK and not the states and vise versa is because the states have horrible taste in music. ;).

  2. excellent review, my man, you have great taste, that much is obvious.

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