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Monthly Archives: February 2013

So here’s a quick poll to help me decide which song I should review next time. Vote for your favorite song, people!


Okay, okay. Your lower jaw has dropped to the ground. Kindly reposition it, it’s freaking me out. And yes, you heard right. I’m reviewing a song from 2013, and that too from Bruno Mars! But you know what? This song deserves it! It is an amazing song; in fact so amazing that 13 (Actually 12, with me excluded) of my friends have to listen to this song AT LEAST twice a day to stay sane. Yes, it’s THAT good. Okay, so without any further ado, let’s get to it!

Bruno Mars (Singer & Composer)

Peter Gene Hernandez (a.k.a Bruno Mars)

History: This song is from 2013! What kind of ‘history’ do you expect? Sheesh. Okay, a little briefing. “Young Girls” is from Bruno Mars‘ 2013 Album titled “Unorthodox Jukebox“. It is written by Jeff Bhasker (NOT Indian!). It was released on November 6, 2012 (But hey, I listened to it in 2013!) This was the second single to be released after the chart topper “Locked Out Of Heaven” (Which, frankly, I hate). The song runs for a total of 3 Minutes and 49 Seconds. For chart performances, click here. [Source: Wikipedia]

What It Tries To Convey To Us: It’s really simple – It’s a ballad-type song which tell us how he (Or any boy) succumbs to the charms to young girls. That’s right. Paying for everything the girl shops, listening to the constant jibber – jabber about her failed relationships with boys she still finds cute, and OH; let’s not forget the ‘Do this, do that’ attitude. What does Charlie Sheen say to that? *thinks* Right! ‘Wrapped around her finger’! And let’s face it, it is an inevitable situation for all the boys, especially of this generation!

Review: The song is supported with an electronic device (A beatbox, I guess) which makes wah-wah effects. I don’t know. It’s some sort of synthesizer music you’d love to listen to in the crisp of the morning, accompanied with some quirky ‘warp’ like effects. Listen to the tune, you’ll get what I’m saying. The beats of this song are relatively on the high side. Bruno Mars kick starts the vocals at 00:14. I have to admit, the first four lines made little sense to me. The beats settle in (Along with the fifth line of the verse) at 00:30. The lyrics get much more sensible after that. The beats and the tune go dead at 00:54, suggesting the occurrence of the big fish – The chorus, which starts at 00:56. This chorus completely blew my mind! It’s got everything a Pop song should have – A good voice, steady beats, reasonable bass, echo effects and a magnificent rhythm. The chorus is pretty long, which stretches for about (1:28-00:56) 32 seconds. The second stanza follows suit immediately (01 :30). The end of the second stanza is somewhat odd, as Bruno tends to go a little off-tune. I don’t know if it’s deliberately done (Where’s auto-tune when you need it, huh?) or if it’s a genuine mistake. The beats and the tune go off again, and in comes the chorus at 02:12. This time, however, the beats in the chorus continue even after it ends, thus continuing the rhythm. During this interlude, Bruno adds this “ooh” effect, which really gets to you. The interlude goes on till 03:14, Bruno starting the chorus thereafter. Only this time, there aren’t any beats. There is a heavy layer of bass in the air, and I swear you can hear a low tone violin solo in the background, playing at a very high tempo. The beats (They’re slower in tempo this time) finally catch up with the rest of the chorus, and the song ends with the end of the chorus. Just like that – No gradual fades off’s, nothing; which is why it sounds like a fairy tale ending.

Rating: It’s probably the ONLY song of 2012-13 that I shall review. But this song latched on to my mind, and I couldn’t (And still can’t) shake it off. It’s a 9/10 for sure! Hats off to you, Bruno Mars!


Lyrics For “Young Girls”

Download Link For “Young Girls”[JATTJI.COM].mp3 (Right Click on link, click “Save Link/Target As”)


Album Art

“Young Girls” is a song from Bruno Mars’ album titled “Unorthodox Jukebox”

This song is probably the most addictive Pop song of the 90’s – Putting it out right here. This song still continues to blow my mind, for it is perfect to put on for a house party. The beats are amazing, and it is very fast paced. The lyrics – Well, to be frank, there are no such thing as ‘Stanzas’, for the majority of the song is covered by the chorus itself. But the tune and the rhythm move you; almost makes you want to drop everything and start dancing. Now that you’re in the mood, let’s get on with it!

Haddaway (Artist)

Haddaway (Artist)

History:What Is Love” is a single recorded by Pop artist Haddaway. The song was composed by Dee Dee Halligan (a.k.a Tony Hendrik/Dieter Lünstedt) and Junior Torello (a.k.a Karin Hartman-Eisenblätter). The song peaked at Number 2 in Germany and the United Kingdom, and also got the prestige of raking the Number 1 spot in over 13 other countries, including Asian. It is also the 75th ‘Most Selling Song Of All Time’ in Germany. “What Is Love” peaked at Number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and Number 12 in Australia. Other commendable positions are: Number 17 in Canada, Number 12 in Japan (Surprise, surprise!), Number 15 in Switzerland, and so on. For the complete list of Chart Performances, click here. The song has a lot of cover versions made out of it (As well as samplings.) For the complete list, click here. The song spans for 4 Minutes and 31 Seconds. [Source: Wikipedia]

What It Tries To Convey To Us: I will be very frank – The only message it conveys to us is that we should forget about the meaning of the song and dance to the awesome beat.

Review: The song starts off with with the chorus, but without the beats. When the bass and the rhythm kick in at 00:08, you feel the energy surge through you. The electronic interlude continues till 00:39, after which Haadaway starts the first (Ahem) stanza. As I said, the stanza’s are really short (About 2 lines) and 75% of the song is the chorus itself. But don’t worry, it doesn’t seem repetitive at all. Sure enough, the first full-fledged chorus begins at 00:54, followed by a feminine vocal interlude. The second stanza starts at 01:42, and (Sure enough), the chorus follows suit at 01:56 (Followed by the two interludes). Now, while reading this, you may be thinking that the song is monotonous. The fact is – Yes, it is. But, the bass and the rhythm is so catchy, you want to hear it over and over again. Trust me guys, this song is NOT even remotely monotonous. Okay, so the rhythm and the beats go completely dead at 02:44, leaving us with Haddaway and the chorus (If you have a vivid memory, you should be able to recall the starting of the song), which merges with the bass at 02:51. From there onwards, the song gets a tad different. The bass is quite heavy, and the rhythm is almost muted. Haddaway starts the third stanza at 03:08, followed by (Again, no surprises here) the chorus. This time, however, the female vocal interlude is placed BEFORE the electronic interlude. The chorus loops thereafter, and the song gradually fades off at 04:25 with a final “What Is Love” by Haddaway.

Oh, by the way, do check out the “What Is Love” Cover Version, performed by ‘8 Floppy Disks’. Yes – 8 Floppy Disks. The rhythm of the song is reconstructed using the sounds a Floppy Disk makes (And there are 8 of them, who work simultaneously to produce the rhythm. The link is given below. Check it out. It’s pure genius!

And another word of warning – Do NOT check the music video of this song. I got nightmares seeing that thing! But just for your curious minds, I’ve added the link below.

Rating: I just finished the review, and I scrolled up to check for any typos. I don’t think I have ever used so many ‘choruses’ in one review! Anyways, it’s an amazing song, which compels you to dance to the beat. A straightforward 10/10! (Don’t miss the Cover Version by ‘8 Floppy Disks’)


Lyrics For “What Is Love” :

Download Link For “What Is Love” (Right Click on link, Click ‘Save Link/Target As’)

Youtube Video For “What Is Love (8 Floppy Disks Cover Version) MUST SEE

Youtube Video For “What Is Love” (Official Music Video)


Album Art

“What Is Love” is a club single by Haddaway

Okay guys, here’s a song MANY of you know as ‘The soundtrack from Lion King’. That’s correct, “Sacrifice” by none other than Sir Elton John. A beautiful song, personally my Elton John favorite. There’s something about the song that completely captures your attention. I first heard this song in 1997, when I was 3 years old (Yes, I still remember it!) Anyways, statistics aside, I’d love to get started  with this masterpiece immediately. Let’s get to it!

Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John (Music Composer & Singer)

History: “Sacrifice” is a song produced (The music) and sung by Sir Elton John, for his album titled “Sleeping With The Past“. The song was released twice, once in 1989 (Original Release) and the second time in 1990. It didn’t do particularly well in the U.S, but it soared high on the U.K. and France Music Charts. The song is probably best known for the soundtrack of the movie “The Lion King (1994)”. The song was composed lyrically by Bernie Taupin. For chart performances, click here. There are two cover versions of “Sacrifice”, which you can check out here. There is only one version of this song – The Five Minutes and One Seconds Album Version. [Source: Wikipedia]

What It Tries To Convey To Us: The song tells us about how men cheat by instinct, be it married or not. The line “When The Scent Of Her Lingers” pretty much conveys the whole meaning. The song’s music video is based on the same theme (Thank God!) The link to the video will, as usual, be below. All right, all right. I’ll brief you about the video. The video portrays a married couple, who happen to have a daughter. Well, things get rough between them and the woman decides to call it quits. She leaves his life, and the man raises their daughter all by himself. What the video implies (According to me) is that the woman doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “Sacrifice”, and thinks of it as just a simple word.

Review: The song starts off with a steady beat, coupled with a beautiful melody and a few ‘twinkling stars’ effects provided by the synthesizer. Sir Elton John starts the vocals at 00:17, and BOY are they amazing! Even though I’ve never betrayed anyone, the song makes me feel guilty (Maybe it’s just me.) The first stanza describes the infatuations a married man has towards another woman (In the video, it’s exactly the opposite.) The pre-chorus begins at 00:52, followed by the main chorus at 01:10. I have to say, the chorus is pure genius. You can actually feel the emotions Sir Elton John is trying to convey through this song. There’s a short interlude after the chorus, and the second stanza picks up right after that. I don’t know why, but I never quite understood the meaning of the first two lines:

“Mutual misunderstanding after the fight,

Sensitivity builds a prison in the final act”.

Anyways, the pre-chorus begins again at 02:22, followed by (No guesses here) the chorus, which begins at 02:40. There’s a beautiful interlude after the chorus, which lasts for approximately 24 seconds, after which the pre-chorus and the main chorus are looped again. The interlude sounds really amazing; in fact, the background music of the song is astounding. The ‘twinkling stars’ effect that has been added to the song does wonders for it. The song’s final moments are when the line “No Sacrifice At All” is looped.

Rating: No need for ratings here. One of the top-grossing artists of all time, a musical mastermind, and a BRILLIANTLY executed song. 10/10. Simple. Hat’s off to you, Sir Elton John!


Lyrics for “Sacrifice” :

Download link for “Sacrifice” : (Right Click on link, click “Save Link/Target As”)

Link for Music Video (Official Version)


Album Art

“Sacrifice” is a song from Sir Elton john’s album titled “Sleeping With The Past”

Okay guys, I’m finally back! After three long, strenuous weeks of exams, I can now finally breathe. The first thing I wanted to do was to update my blog. So, here I am! Let’s get started immediately, shall we?

Ah! The Beatles! Probably the band with the maximum number of followers. Who hasn’t heard of The Beatles? You all may probably be wondering – “Why isn’t this guy reviewing their big hits like ‘Yellow Submarine‘, ‘Hey Jude‘ or ‘Let It Be‘?” Well, the answer is quite simple – Those songs are too mainstream. Everyone knows those four songs. But do people know “Yesterday” as well as the songs above? You already know the answer. What I aim to do is spread the awesome ‘not-so-known’ songs of famous artists to as many people as possible. Okay; now that I have cleared my intentions, let’s get to it!

The Beatles (Band)

The Beatles (Band)

History: “Yesterday” is a song recorded by The Beatles for their 1965 album titled “Help!” Interestingly though, the song is completely credited to “Lennon – McCartney”, as it was completely written by Sir Paul McCartney himself. The song also has the most number of cover versions made after it, 2200 to be exact (Now that’s HUGE!) It is one of the most covered songs in the history of English Music. “Yesterday” was first released in the U.S., which is a bit intriguing for me. Surely enough, it hit the Number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Meanwhile, a cover version of the song (produced by Matt Monro) was released in the U.K., which fetched a similar response. The song was critically acclaimed and received tons of nods from critics. The final outcome of the song was so different than the songs The Beatles usually produced that it was vetoed as a single. “Yesterday” was also voted as the Best Song of the 20th Century by a BBC Radio poll. MTV and The Rolling Stones also followed suit. It was then conferred by the ultimate honor – Entry in the Grammy Hall of Fame. Dig this – “Yesterday” was reported to have been played more than a whopping SEVEN MILLION times in the 20th Century alone. Whew! There is only one version of this song – The Studio (Album) Version, which spans for a total of 2 Minutes and 5 Seconds.

What It Tries To Convey To Us: The name of the song strikes us with the first hint – That it’s sad. Next comes the melody, and it just makes the belief stronger. It is, indeed, a sad song. “Yesterday” is an acoustical ballad which revolves around a man who recalls the time he and his lover spent before their breakup. It seems to him as though the events which occurred took place just yesterday. it is, hence, a strong alibi to the statement “Time Flies”. The song explains his feelings after the breakup, and about how difficult it is to get on with life after such a harsh incident.

Review: The song starts off straightforwardly with the acoustic guitar, played in a soft, sad tone. Sir Paul McCartney initiates the vocals at 00:05, adding another layer of sadness to the song. The lyrics are stupendous, and leave you on pins and needles (They are particularly effective if you have just gone through a breakup.) There is no chorus to the song as such, but there IS a repetitive lyric – The “Why She Had To Go I Don’t Know, She Wouldn’t Say..” part, which is first heard at 00:40. The song’s background melody is haunting, and fits the front melody like a glove. Hat’s off to the Cello (Francisco Gabarro), Viola (Kenneth Essex) and the Violin (Tony Gilbert & Sidney Sax) players, who have given the song it’s amazing essence. The part of the song which gets to me the most is the second stanza, which includes the lyrics “Yesterday, Love Was Such An Easy Game To Play..” They literally send chills down my spine. The repetitive part starts again at 01:17, followed by (We’ve never experienced this before) a COMPLETE second stanza loop, which gradually fades off, signalling the end of the song.

Rating: This song was given a ticket for the Grammy Hall of Fame, damn it! Obviously, it HAS to score a perfect 10/10! Beautiful song, coupled with amazing vocals and lyrics, and a fabulous melody. Hat’s off to you, Sir Paul McCartney!

Lyrics For “Yesterday”

Download Link For “Yesterday” (Right Click on Link, Click “Save Target/Link As”)

The Beatles - Yesterday

“Yesterday” is a song produced by “The Beatles” for their album titled “Help!”

Hey guys! My exams ended today! That means I can start blogging regularly from tomorrow! Once again, SO SORRY for the delay! Stay tuned! 😀