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Okay guys, here’s a song MANY of you know as ‘The soundtrack from Lion King’. That’s correct, “Sacrifice” by none other than Sir Elton John. A beautiful song, personally my Elton John favorite. There’s something about the song that completely captures your attention. I first heard this song in 1997, when I was 3 years old (Yes, I still remember it!) Anyways, statistics aside, I’d love to get started  with this masterpiece immediately. Let’s get to it!

Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John (Music Composer & Singer)

History: “Sacrifice” is a song produced (The music) and sung by Sir Elton John, for his album titled “Sleeping With The Past“. The song was released twice, once in 1989 (Original Release) and the second time in 1990. It didn’t do particularly well in the U.S, but it soared high on the U.K. and France Music Charts. The song is probably best known for the soundtrack of the movie “The Lion King (1994)”. The song was composed lyrically by Bernie Taupin. For chart performances, click here. There are two cover versions of “Sacrifice”, which you can check out here. There is only one version of this song – The Five Minutes and One Seconds Album Version. [Source: Wikipedia]

What It Tries To Convey To Us: The song tells us about how men cheat by instinct, be it married or not. The line “When The Scent Of Her Lingers” pretty much conveys the whole meaning. The song’s music video is based on the same theme (Thank God!) The link to the video will, as usual, be below. All right, all right. I’ll brief you about the video. The video portrays a married couple, who happen to have a daughter. Well, things get rough between them and the woman decides to call it quits. She leaves his life, and the man raises their daughter all by himself. What the video implies (According to me) is that the woman doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “Sacrifice”, and thinks of it as just a simple word.

Review: The song starts off with a steady beat, coupled with a beautiful melody and a few ‘twinkling stars’ effects provided by the synthesizer. Sir Elton John starts the vocals at 00:17, and BOY are they amazing! Even though I’ve never betrayed anyone, the song makes me feel guilty (Maybe it’s just me.) The first stanza describes the infatuations a married man has towards another woman (In the video, it’s exactly the opposite.) The pre-chorus begins at 00:52, followed by the main chorus at 01:10. I have to say, the chorus is pure genius. You can actually feel the emotions Sir Elton John is trying to convey through this song. There’s a short interlude after the chorus, and the second stanza picks up right after that. I don’t know why, but I never quite understood the meaning of the first two lines:

“Mutual misunderstanding after the fight,

Sensitivity builds a prison in the final act”.

Anyways, the pre-chorus begins again at 02:22, followed by (No guesses here) the chorus, which begins at 02:40. There’s a beautiful interlude after the chorus, which lasts for approximately 24 seconds, after which the pre-chorus and the main chorus are looped again. The interlude sounds really amazing; in fact, the background music of the song is astounding. The ‘twinkling stars’ effect that has been added to the song does wonders for it. The song’s final moments are when the line “No Sacrifice At All” is looped.

Rating: No need for ratings here. One of the top-grossing artists of all time, a musical mastermind, and a BRILLIANTLY executed song. 10/10. Simple. Hat’s off to you, Sir Elton John!


Lyrics for “Sacrifice” :

Download link for “Sacrifice” : (Right Click on link, click “Save Link/Target As”)

Link for Music Video (Official Version)


Album Art

“Sacrifice” is a song from Sir Elton john’s album titled “Sleeping With The Past”



  1. I just love Sir Elton!

  2. Hi, I just read your review of the song “sacrifice” by Elton John..I’ve always loved this song.but never understood the video..Seems like the song talks about a married man who cheats ..but in the video the woman leaves her husband and baby daughter..isn’t it in contradiction with the song? I truly appreciate if you let me know what’s your interpretation of the video..

    • Hey Nel! What you’re saying is right. The lyrics of the song point towards a man who cheats on his wife, but the video shows the exact opposite. It is, in fact, a contradictory video. I rummaged through the internet a bit, and found out that the plot of the music video was going to be the same as that of the song, but Sir Elton John refused, and insisted on inverting the characters. Still beats me why he wanted to do that! 😀
      Hope I answered your question! Stick around. Tons of reviews headed your way! 😀 🙂

  3. I never completely understood the video for the song..would you please let me know what’s your take on it??appreciate it.

    • Hey Nel! I’m pretty sure I’ve already given you the answer, but I’ll tell you again:
      The video tells us a story in which a man & woman fall in love, but the woman doesn’t want to their relationship to the next level. That is, before they have a daughter. The woman is selfish and self-centered, and abandons her family (Her lover and the daughter) just to go ahead and live a high life, probably sleazing off money from a rich guy. The meaning of the chorus implicates that the woman does not know what the meaning of sacrifice is, but rather thinks of it as just another word. You know, just like trying to fire a rifle without even knowing how to hold it properly.
      I hope I cleared your doubt! If it still hasn’t come around to you, I suggest you head over the Youtube video (Link is below the review) and check ou the comments section. Apart from hilarious and outrageous comments, I’m sure someone will have explained what the song is about! Stick around. 😀 🙂

        • nel
        • Posted February 16, 2013 at 5:02 pm
        • Permalink

        thanks..I checked the video on youtube and i think some comments are really strange..suggesting the man is cheating and the girl leaving because of that..or even more bizarre,the child being from another woman!!!now,I’m confused..what do u really think the story is??

      • Well, they are humans; and humans are prone to have different perspectives on everything. Watching the video from the woman’s perspective MAY be able to explain why she runs away from her family. The child is from another woman? Now that’s really insane! 😛
        Hit me up if you still have a doubt. Peace out! 😀 🙂

  4. I’m a woman and also a mom..and from my perspective,No mother ditches her child to a cheating spouse,never looking back,unless she’s insane..there must be another reason other than infidelity..I would say both song and video are open to a sense that when it goes”when the scent of her lingers” who’s HER?..Since the only woman shown is this girl…and again in a sense that why she left her family?? I think it’s a very interesting video for the song..can be seen from many angles.

    • Right you are! And that’s exactly what I’m trying to convey! 🙂 The song and the video are kind of polar opposites of each other, and can be viewed in various perspectives. The song describes a man cheating on his wife/lover. “When the scent of her lingers” – I think ‘her’ is abstract. I like to think ‘her’ is betrayal. You know, personification. But hey, again, it’s an open perspective. ‘Her’ can be anyone/anything. 😀 🙂

        • nel
        • Posted February 16, 2013 at 10:24 pm
        • Permalink

        Interesting..”Her can be anything” never looked it that way the song is complicated as it is..why the video has to be even more complicated??..and who do you think is betraying in the video?the man or the woman?

      • In the video? The woman. In the song? The man. Let me put it this way:
        In the video, the woman abandons her lover & her ‘supposedly’ unwanted daughter for living a high life. Here, ‘when the scent of her lingers’ refers to betrayal.
        In the audio, the man cheats on her lover for another. Here, however, ‘When the scent of her lingers’ can be referred to either betrayal or another woman.

  5. hard to believe she left her handsome lover..I’d never do …still a vague video to me..

  6. It’s not one of those Elton John/Bernie Taupin straightforward songs..I know for a fact that Taupin wrote it about his own marital problems’s a very dark song..the marriage is doomed to fall apart..hence:”it’s no sacrifice”so by the divorce nothing is really “sacrificed” cause they were “two hearts living in two separate worlds”.his feelings toward his described as “cold,cold heart hard done by you”’s far as the video,it’s a huge question mark in terms of how it lines up with the lyrics..

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  8. can onyone tell me who is the female model in this video? over all.. i just love this song.. really

    • It’s probably Yasmin Ghauri, a Pakistani model. Atl least she resembles her.. I can’t tell you for sure, though

  9. If you’re reading this..alright..still. after all these years, I don’t think anyone can tell what exactly is the story of the song and the video…just looks at the comments at youtube..there’s always disagreements…do you still have the same view of song and video? please let me know

  10. who is the male actor in this video?

    • Chris Issac

  11. Who are the actors in the video?

  12. I love the song, i first heard it in 1997 aswell1.Even though i was three at that time. I felt the song deep in my heart. Every morning i wake up at 4 a.m just to listern to the song. Its my best song.

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