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This song is probably the most addictive Pop song of the 90’s – Putting it out right here. This song still continues to blow my mind, for it is perfect to put on for a house party. The beats are amazing, and it is very fast paced. The lyrics – Well, to be frank, there are no such thing as ‘Stanzas’, for the majority of the song is covered by the chorus itself. But the tune and the rhythm move you; almost makes you want to drop everything and start dancing. Now that you’re in the mood, let’s get on with it!

Haddaway (Artist)

Haddaway (Artist)

History:What Is Love” is a single recorded by Pop artist Haddaway. The song was composed by Dee Dee Halligan (a.k.a Tony Hendrik/Dieter Lünstedt) and Junior Torello (a.k.a Karin Hartman-Eisenblätter). The song peaked at Number 2 in Germany and the United Kingdom, and also got the prestige of raking the Number 1 spot in over 13 other countries, including Asian. It is also the 75th ‘Most Selling Song Of All Time’ in Germany. “What Is Love” peaked at Number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and Number 12 in Australia. Other commendable positions are: Number 17 in Canada, Number 12 in Japan (Surprise, surprise!), Number 15 in Switzerland, and so on. For the complete list of Chart Performances, click here. The song has a lot of cover versions made out of it (As well as samplings.) For the complete list, click here. The song spans for 4 Minutes and 31 Seconds. [Source: Wikipedia]

What It Tries To Convey To Us: I will be very frank – The only message it conveys to us is that we should forget about the meaning of the song and dance to the awesome beat.

Review: The song starts off with with the chorus, but without the beats. When the bass and the rhythm kick in at 00:08, you feel the energy surge through you. The electronic interlude continues till 00:39, after which Haadaway starts the first (Ahem) stanza. As I said, the stanza’s are really short (About 2 lines) and 75% of the song is the chorus itself. But don’t worry, it doesn’t seem repetitive at all. Sure enough, the first full-fledged chorus begins at 00:54, followed by a feminine vocal interlude. The second stanza starts at 01:42, and (Sure enough), the chorus follows suit at 01:56 (Followed by the two interludes). Now, while reading this, you may be thinking that the song is monotonous. The fact is – Yes, it is. But, the bass and the rhythm is so catchy, you want to hear it over and over again. Trust me guys, this song is NOT even remotely monotonous. Okay, so the rhythm and the beats go completely dead at 02:44, leaving us with Haddaway and the chorus (If you have a vivid memory, you should be able to recall the starting of the song), which merges with the bass at 02:51. From there onwards, the song gets a tad different. The bass is quite heavy, and the rhythm is almost muted. Haddaway starts the third stanza at 03:08, followed by (Again, no surprises here) the chorus. This time, however, the female vocal interlude is placed BEFORE the electronic interlude. The chorus loops thereafter, and the song gradually fades off at 04:25 with a final “What Is Love” by Haddaway.

Oh, by the way, do check out the “What Is Love” Cover Version, performed by ‘8 Floppy Disks’. Yes – 8 Floppy Disks. The rhythm of the song is reconstructed using the sounds a Floppy Disk makes (And there are 8 of them, who work simultaneously to produce the rhythm. The link is given below. Check it out. It’s pure genius!

And another word of warning – Do NOT check the music video of this song. I got nightmares seeing that thing! But just for your curious minds, I’ve added the link below.

Rating: I just finished the review, and I scrolled up to check for any typos. I don’t think I have ever used so many ‘choruses’ in one review! Anyways, it’s an amazing song, which compels you to dance to the beat. A straightforward 10/10! (Don’t miss the Cover Version by ‘8 Floppy Disks’)


Lyrics For “What Is Love” :

Download Link For “What Is Love” (Right Click on link, Click ‘Save Link/Target As’)

Youtube Video For “What Is Love (8 Floppy Disks Cover Version) MUST SEE

Youtube Video For “What Is Love” (Official Music Video)


Album Art

“What Is Love” is a club single by Haddaway



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    I love this song.most of all – the music video.I love this Vampiress!Beautiful and Sexy.

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  4. Is the rumor true that Cathy Dennis provided the female vocal sections for this song?

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