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Okay, before you people whip out your belts and start walking towards me, I need to clear up something. The reason I wasn’t active on my blog was because I had my final semester exams (which lasted over a month) and the fact that I had to fly to Denmark to meet my grandparents. So here I am, a month and a half later, starting my review session again! I’ve got a whole bunch of beautiful songs most of you probably mustn’t have heard about. Now, if you’ve all calmed down, I’d love to start straightaway!  

The first time I heard this song was in 2013, when I saw “Zero Dark Thirty“. (an exceptional film, by the way) The song plays in the car of the US military officials who try to imitate Saddam Hussein. As soon as I heard the music, I was enchanted. Such a buttery smooth voice, such delicate vocals, and oh such romantic lyrics. My instinct? Pause the movie, Google the song and download it! “If You Leave Me Now” is a brilliant piece of art in the form of music, courtesy Chicago. So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Chicago (Band)

Chicago [Random]: Howland, Pankow, Champlin, Parazaider, Imboden, Loughnane, Scheff

History:If You Leave Me Now” is a song from the American Rock Group “Chicago“. This song is a part of their album titled “Chicago X.” (1976) The composition and the vocals are all credited to bass guitarist Peter Cetera. The song was released as a single in the US in July 1976, and it gained success in October, wherein it stayed on the top spot for two whole weeks. It ALSO peaked at Number 1 in the UK and stayed there for three weeks. By analyzing previous data on some reviews, I found that songs which got a good reputation in the US didn’t quite work out in the UK. Seeing that this song reached Number 1 in BOTH the nationalities is really astonishing. For the complete chart performance, click here. There is only one version of this song, viz. the 3 Minute 54 Second album version.

Review: The song starts off with a synthesizer piece, which is followed by the initiation of the  bass and the vocals at the same time (00:09). The vocals – boy oh boy. They just melt you from the inside. They have a different vibe to them – innocent, yet heartfelt. (especially that ‘Ooohoo Baby Please Don’t Go’ part) Well, interesting part is that the song starts off with the chorus itself! The chorus is looped again, only this time the lyrics are quite different. This ‘modified’ chorus goes on to blend with the first verse at 00:52. The pitch of the vocals is distinctively high during the verses, but nonetheless amazing. The tune of the song also changes drastically, but slowly merges with the original again. (from around 01:24) A short, but really well played acoustic guitar solo follows after the first verse, acting as the instrumental interlude. It’s amazing, really. Sometimes, all it takes for a song to click is the simplicity of it. All this song has is a dreamy vocal track, a soft rhythm, and a beautiful interlude. The song then takes a U-turn from 02:01 and repeats everything above in the reverse order – Change in tune, high pitched vocals, new verse, and finally blend to chorus from 02:44. The song actually ends after this chorus, but the duration is prolonged by adding small pieces of acoustic and synthesizer rifts (along with some vocals) after it. The song starts fading at 03:42, and ends at 03:54, leaving you wanting for more.

Rating: I heard this song in 2013, yet I’ve listened to it for almost a thousand times. I’m sure you’ll do the same once you listen to it.  A 10/10 for this Oldie masterpiece!

Audiophileparadise’s Tip: This song is best experienced while sipping a hot cup of mocha, while in the bathroom, or while relaxing/meditating.

Lyrics For “If You Leave Me Now”

Download Link For “If You Leave Me Now” (Right Click on Link, Click “Save Link/Target As”)


Album Art

“If You Leave Me Now” is a song from Chicago’s album titled “Chicago X”




  1. I absolutely love this song. Great choice! 😀

  2. hah! if anyone should be ashamed of not posting it should be me. I have no reason to not post other than shear laziness. And, anyways, your blogs are so worth the wait. It’s like you say a huge Crap You to today’s crappy music. Keep that crap up.

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