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An apology to all my fans: I severely ruptured my ACL while playing football, and I had to spend 45 days recuperating. That was followed by two and a half months of exhausting physiotherapy, and I was finally set free of all those monotonous exercise regimes yesterday. Interestingly, I got acquainted with a lot of music lovers, and started liking a band which I previously tried to avoid – Deff Leppard.

Unlike the other 80’s Rock artists, Deff Leppard had their own signature style – Bad boy looks, fancy guitars, loud music and a swagger that oozed confidence – The perfect recipe. Of course, the long hair, the torn (or should I say, shredded) jeans and the outrageous dressing sense all came with the package too.

Deff Leppard’s first song to fall on my ears was ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’, which remains my personal favorite till date. The pace of the song itself makes you groove to the rhythm. Add a little raunchy bass, a badass guitar, and awesome vocals, and TA DA! Unforgettable song created.

History:Pour Some Sugar On Me‘ was a single by the British Rock band Deff Leppard. It also starred in their 1987 hit album, Hysteria (which is their most selling album). The song itelf sold around 4 million copies worldwode. It seems as if this song has the number ‘2’ written all over it, because it seemed to retain that position all the time. It was placed at Number 2 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. It also stayed on that spot when VH1 released their ‘100 Greatest Songs Of The 80’s‘ list. However, it did clinch the top spot on many occasions. It won the Number 1 spot in the ‘Top 300 Videos Of All Time’, ‘Dial MTV (for 85 consecutive days), and the Top Pop Albums. The AVN (Adult Video News) also rated this song as ‘Number 1 Song Used By The Strippers’ of all time. Now THAT is rare! The different versions of the song alongwith their time spans are:

Album Version – 4:25
Hysteria video edit version – 4:52
2012 re-recorded version – 4:21
Extended version – 5:35                                                                   [Source: Wikipedia]


Deff Leppard (Band)

Deff Leppard (Band)


Review: The song begins with the unanimous chant: “Step inside, walk this way, you and me babe, Hey Hey”, followed by an engaging and snazzy guitar rift. When the beats merge with the rift, the whole song bursts to life. If you listen to only the musical piece, you can clearly imagine a man with dirty hair, torn jeans and a loud boombox on his right shoulder, walking through the civilized citizens and making their heads turn. The song’s vocals then crank in the first gear at 00:17. The vocals are harsh, which adds another notch of badass to it. The first pre-chorus begins at 00:51, which is immediately followed by the chorus at 01:02. The transition from the verses to the chorus (and back) is surprisingly smooth, unlike other Rock songs of that time. You hardly feel a glitch when it happens. The beat then dies suddenly at 01:20, signaling the start of the second verse. The style of the verses is the same throughout, but it never fails to catch your attention. It’s like this:

da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da-da-da-da-DA-DA-DA (if you catch my drift)

The last few words of every line are escalated in tone, which makes it awesome to hear (the ‘Sugar Me’ part in particular is amazing). The pre-chorus (also called hook) begins again at 02:11, followed by the chorus at 02:22. However, after this particular chorus, the song goes into a sudden musical seizure, with random guitar and synthesizer rifts, the beats remaining constant throughout the interlude. A short pumped up speech follows, and it escapes the musical loop and returns to the pre-chorus (followed by the chorus) at 03:30. The song ends in the same manner, with ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ gradually fading off, before ending completely at 04:27.


Lyrics For “Pour Some Sugar On Me”

Download Link For “Pour Some Sugar On Me” (Right Click on Link, click ‘Save Link/Target As”)


Album Art

‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ is a song by Deff Leppard for their 1987 album, ‘Hysteria’



  1. I’m sorry to hear about your injury! What a long recuperation too – I do hope you’re all better now. Def Leppard… I haven’t listened to them in years! They remind me of my adolescent years…. A lot of fun!

    • Yeah.. It was quite the long stretch… Well, you should seriously consider listening to them again… I’m 19, but their songs make me want to stay the same age! 😀

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