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Many of you may/may not know about this young prodigy, but I’m going to tell you anyways. Sungha Jung is playing the acoustic guitar since he was 5 years old, and he recorded his very first acoustical cover when he was 8. The first song? ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ by The Beatles. This kid has got EXCEPTIONAL talent. I just watched, mesmerized by how effortlessly he played the guitar.. He’s made some amazing cover versions, but the most amazing piece (according to me) was his cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘The Boxer’..

Just switch on the video, watch the kid do his magic and sit there slack-jawed. After the first time, hit replay and close your eyes and feel the music flow through you.. It’s absolutely soul stirring! I’m sure Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel would be very proud!

*NOTE* – Sungha Jung performed this song when he was 13, and he’s almost 18 now. I urge you to go check out his Youtube channel: jwc


Probably one of the mushiest song ever, “Right Here Waiting” created a phenomenon worldwide. It won the hearts of millions all over the globe. Richard Marx has used his dreamy voice, coupled with (What I claim is) the best piano rift ever, and teary eyed lyrics and blended everything together to create the ultimate drug for romantics. For those who think it’s a pop song; think again. The genre of the song is actually ‘Soft Rock’ (Falls in the same class of “Jealous Guy” or “Bohemian Rhapsody“). Well, it’s placed at Number 2 on my ‘Top 10 mushiest Love Songs of all time’ list, and I’ll be reviewing this song today. Cheers to all the romantics who longed for this song! Let’s get started!

Richard Marx (Artist)

Richard Marx (Artist)

History: “Right Here Waiting” is actually a ballad composed and sung by Richard Marx, for his second album titled “Repeat Offender” (1989). The song went on, not only to break millions of hearts, but also records all over the world. It peaked at the Number 1 position on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and at Number 2 on the U.K. charts. For the complete chart performance, click here. For more peak positions, click here. It was certified Gold by Canada, Silver by U.K., and Platinum by U.S. The music video was censored and considered a bit too ‘steamy’ for the public, because it featured a 42 second “softcore” sex scene. There is just one version of the song, viz. The Studio Version; having a duration of 4 Minutes 24 Seconds. [Source: Wikipedia]

What it tries to convey to us: Richard Marx actually dedicated “Right Here Waiting” for his wife, Cynthia Rhodes, when she was acting in South Africa. For us people, it’s about a loving couple who, unfortunately, break up; and the man tells her, “No matter whom you love in the future, remember this – I’ll always be there for you.” True love, isn’t it?

Review: The theme of the song is really soft – the bass, the vocals, even the piano and the acoustic guitar. The song starts off with a synthesizer rift (bass of the song). The Oh-SO-BEAUTIFUL piano rift (Courtesy Vanston) starts at 00:17, and it REALLY is magnificent. I always feel like crying (Out of joy, or sadness – who knows?). Richard Marx starts off with the vocals at 00:45. You can clearly see how beautifully he has modulated his pitch and tone, for accentuating the song. You can actually feel what he is trying to convey (For example – his “Oh can’t you see it Baby, You’ve got me going crazy”). He starts off with the first chorus at 01:17, and after a brief 6 second gap, starts off with the second stanza. The thing that keeps all of us hooked to this song is definitely it’s chorus, because.. Let’s just face it.. It’s stupendous! Richard Marx has cleverly added more number of choruses in the song, to keep the feel ‘alive’. Saying thus, the second chorus begins already at 02:16. The song may seem slow in tune and rhythm, but it’s really fast paced in terms of tempo. The song suddenly shifts all of it’s momentum and starts off with a completely different tune from 02:37, with Marx increasing the pitch by a notch. And then comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for – That epic guitar rift (Courtesy Bruce Gaitsch). Don’t get confused here: It’s not an electric lead, or any type of shredding that I’m talking about here; it’s an acoustic guitar rift. And yet, it’s just so beautiful. The simplicity of the song is the factor which completely won me. The rifts are extremely easy to perform (I learned the guitar 2 years ago, and this was the second rift I could ever play). It’s soft, subtle, and perfectly suits the song mood. Marx takes over again at 03:21, with starts with the chorus at 03:32. He makes sure to maintain the ‘edge’ in his voice till the very end. The vocals end at 03:52, and the song proceeds into ending mode with a dual of the acoustic guitar and the piano rift, and the ends at 04:24.

Rating: A flat out 10/10 for this one! Awesome vocals, soft melody, even better guitar and piano rift – all bundled in one! A must listen to!!

Lyrics link for “Right Here Waiting”

Download link for “Right Here Waiting”


Album Art

“Right Here Waiting” is a song from Richard Marx’s album “Repeat Offender”


Okay, this one’s a no – brainer. This HAS to be the best country song EVER! John Denver has absolutely nailed this song on the Best Country Songs Ever charts. This song easily makes it to Number 1 on my ‘Top 10 Country Songs’ too! ‘Country Roads’ has a sort of aura which is.. well… irresistible. As soon as you listen to this song, you feel like dropping everything, packing your backpack, and head off to the closest rural area to spend the week in serenity. This is undoubtedly John Denver’s best song, and my personal favorite too. I’ll be reviewing this song today. So, let’s get down to it!

John Denver

John Denver

History: Take Me Home, Country Roads” (Or simply, “Country Roads”) is a song from John Denver’s 1971 album Poems, Prayers And Promises (It was actually first released on 30th December, 1970). Undoubtedly his best song, (It’s also his signature song) it went on to peak at Number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. It is also the iconic song for West Virginia travels. The song was actually written by the trio John Denver, Taffy Nivert and Bill Danoff, and initially recorded by John Denver. The official release date, however, is April 12th, 1971. There is just one version of this song, viz. the Studio Version, having a duration of 3 Minutes 8 Seconds. [Source: Wikipedia]

What it tries to convey to us: It’s a really simple song to decipher. No ‘Stairway To Heaven’ dual meanings here! This song tells us about a man’s desire to go back to his hometown, viz. West Virginia.

Review: What can I say? This song has EVERY single ingredient a Country song needs! That typical country accent (And a heart melting voice), mellow acoustic guitar playing in the background, and lyrics that make you want to run away from home forever and settle down in some quiet countryside permanently. This is going to be tough one! Well, wish me luck!

The song starts with dual acoustic guitars, one playing the role of the rhythm and the other tuned to a slightly higher frequency, for making it sound as the lead guitar. John Denver starts with (What I know is) the perfect chocolate melting vocals at 00:07. Alright, now I want you to do me a favor. Close your eyes, clear out all your thoughts, and just sit back and listen to this song with all your heart and soul. Feels like you’re on the countryside, sitting round the fire, roasting marshmallows. And John Denver is right there, in front of you, with a guitar on his lap; and he’s singing to everyone, doesn’t it? Imagine the cool night sky, the synchronized noises by the crickets, the dewy grass you’re sitting on, and the warmth radiating from the campfire. Did you do that? Now we’re talking! Well, seeing that now you’re in the mood, let’s pick up from where we left. If you listen closely (From 00:08 onwards), you’ll hear the sound of someone clapping their laps for providing the bass of the song. And from 00:07, you’ll hear the sound of snapping fingers very clearly. The background vocalists have also done an excellent job. And those lyrics… Wow, those lyrics! It feels magic! The first chorus will start at 00:30, with the typical snapping fingers, awesome vocals, and beautiful guitar. The second stanza then commences at 00:55. You’ll hear the wah – wah effect of the synthesizer very clearly in the second stanza. The song is really fast paced, and chorus’ will pass like a breeze. The second chorus starts at 01:19, this time with the added wah – wah effects. The vocal bridge starts after the second chorus, with an increase in the pitch, and a slightly faster tempo. Since you’re in the ‘countryside’ feel, you’ll notice it almost immediately. And viola, as I told you; the chorus initiates again at 02:05. You MAY think that the songs have a little more choruses than normal, but let me remind you; this is a country song. So, it is to be expected. It (The chorus) is looped again at 02:28. The song gradually fades with “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and ends at 03:08.

Rating: Easy as pie! A head – on 10/10! Undoubtedly the best Country song out there! Out-of-the-world vocals, superb guitar strumming and those lyrics… WOW!! For those who haven’t heard this song (I highly doubt there are any), you HAVE to listen to this! It’s unmissable!


Lyrics for “Country Roads (Take Me Home) :

Download link for “Country Roads (Take Me Home) :


Album Art

“Take Me Home, Country Roads” is a song from John Denver’s album “Poems, Prayers And Promises”

Aah! “The Dance”! My favorite Country song! This song is popular amongst people of all age groups. Teens love this song because it is one of the most played one on prom night. Middle – aged people and senior citizens also love it because the song brings back the memories of their first dance. I am extremely infatuated with this song. It connects with you at a very deep level. You can feel the core of your heart when you listen to the song. Garth Brooks may not be one of the most reputed Country singers out there, but he sure can pack a nasty punch with this song! It is one of my personal Top 10 Country songs. So, let’s get to it!

History: The Dance” is a part of Garth Brooks‘ 1998 self titled album, Garth Brooks. The song was actually written by Brooks’ friend Tony Arata. The song went on to be a phenomenal hit in the US, topping the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles list and The Canada Country Singles list at Number 1, while it peaked at Number 36 in the UK Singles Chart. This is undoubtedly his signature song. There are two *famous* versions of this song, one being the 3 Minutes 37 Seconds Studio Version, and the other being a remake of the song (The Hit Crew), done with equal perfection. To be frank, I REALLY prefer the latter over the former. I’ll also post the remade song’s Youtube link to this blog, so you all can check it out. I’ll be reviewing this version of the song . [Source: Wikipedia]

Review: The song starts off with a beautiful piano intro. At 00:12, the bass guitar and the acoustic guitar kick in simultaneously. Now, to be frank; I wasn’t a great fan of Country music until I heard Blake Shelton‘s “Honeybee” (I’ll be reviewing that later, too). I gradually became accustomed to the rhythm, the beat and the typical country style accent; and I have to say, I really have started loving it! That’s when I Googled ‘Top 10 Country Songs Ever”,  and came up with this BEAUTIFUL song at Number 2. (Anyways, getting back to the song) The vocals start at 00:18. I don’t who has given the vocals for the remake version of the song, but I sure do want to worship him! His vocals blend into the song perfectly. The melody of the song and his voice together make a lethal combination. The accent he has used is also the typical “Garth Brooks” type of accent, because of which the song never loses it’s originality. My favorite part of the song viz. the chorus, starts at 00:47. It is absolutely beautiful! The beats start from the first chorus. The lyrics, being simplistic are equally mesmerizing. Doesn’t “I’m glad I didn’t know, the way it all would end; the way it all would go.. Our lives are better left to chance; I could have missed the pain. but I’d had to miss the dance” sound so simple, yet so beautiful? Such is the beauty of the song. During the last chorus, you’ll hear the harmonica very clearly; which accentuates the song very nicely. The singer finishes the vocals in typical country style too, taking a brief pause between “The” and “Dance”. The instrumentals take over from 02:42 (Instrumentals being the piano, drums, bass and acoustic guitar) and finish off the song very nicely. The song as a whole is so catchy, you’ll find it to be hard to resist. It certainly deserves a Number 1 position in my Top 10 Country Songs.

Rating: It’s at perfect 10/10! It’s got all the elements a country song needs. Accent, rhythm, the acoustic guitar and melting vocals. I recommend you listen to the song asap!


Lyrics for “The Dance” :

Download link for “The Dance” : (Right Click anywhere and click “Save As”)

Youtube link for “The Dance” : (MUST WATCH!)


Album Art

“The Dance” is a song from the album “Garth Brooks”

Whom do I go to when I want to listen to mesmerizing vocals, beats and lyrics? No one else except Roland Kent Lavoie, better known by his stage name viz. Lobo comes to my mind. In my observation over the past few years, I have noticed that a very handful of my friends knew who Lobo was. I was a bit disappointed, acknowledging that a man like Lobo, who had a voice to die for, was quite unheard of. The lyrics of his songs are out of this world, the rhythm and beats are soft and subtle (Don’t except too much bass in these songs). Among many of his hits such as “Me And You And A Dog Named Boo“, “Goodbye Is Just Another Word”, “Don’t Expect Me To Be Your Friend“, my personal favorite is “I’d Love You To Want Me“, which I’ll be reviewing today. So lets get to it.

History: “I’d Love You To Want Me” is a song from Lobo’s 1972 album “Of A Simple Man”. It was release as a single in the fall of 1972. The song peaked at the Number two position on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for two weeks. It was denied the top position by Johnny Nash‘s hit song, “I Can See Clearly Now“. Not surprisingly, it didn’t perform too well when released in the UK. Fortunately, Lobo re-released the song again in 1974 and it hit bull’s-eye this time, skyrocketing the song to a  commendable Number 4 position. It also topped in Austria, Germany and Canada. There is only one version of this song viz. the 4 Minute 4 Second Album Version. [Source : Wikipedia]

Review: Lobo starts with the vocals and the acoustic guitar from the start itself. The acoustic guitar is a superb touch to the song. Don’t expect anything fancy here. The song is simple, but extremely charismatic. You’ll fall for it as soon as the song starts, because of the sheer brilliance of Lobo’s vocals. If not, then the beats and the rhythm surely will.The beats merge into the song at 00:30, and stay soft and subtle till the very end. Another extremely alluring part of this song is it’s chorus (The first one starts at 00:53). The acoustic guitar and the beats merge very nicely. The lyrics of the song are totally mesmerizing. The song is VERY infectious, and has it’s own aura, spreading love and happiness all around. The second chorus starts at 01:43, and it sounds even better than the previous one, simply because of the fact that there are some extremely soft “Oooh’s” and “Aaah’s” added to it. The vocals and the tune of the song keep you hooked until the end. The instrumentals begin at 03:34, signalling the end of the song. It slowly fades OUT of your ears, but gradually fades INTO your heart. Believe me guys, this is one song you DON’T want to miss!

Rating: 10/10. Nothing more to add. Listen to the song and enjoy! I’m sure you’ll love it! Die hard romantics, BEWARE. You’ll find yourself getting a little TOO lost in the song!

Lyrics for “I’d Love You To Want Me” :

Download link for “I’d Love You To Want Me” :

Album Art

“I’d Love You To Want Me” is a song from the album “Of A Simple Man”