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Aah! “The Dance”! My favorite Country song! This song is popular amongst people of all age groups. Teens love this song because it is one of the most played one on prom night. Middle – aged people and senior citizens also love it because the song brings back the memories of their first dance. I am extremely infatuated with this song. It connects with you at a very deep level. You can feel the core of your heart when you listen to the song. Garth Brooks may not be one of the most reputed Country singers out there, but he sure can pack a nasty punch with this song! It is one of my personal Top 10 Country songs. So, let’s get to it!

History: The Dance” is a part of Garth Brooks‘ 1998 self titled album, Garth Brooks. The song was actually written by Brooks’ friend Tony Arata. The song went on to be a phenomenal hit in the US, topping the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles list and The Canada Country Singles list at Number 1, while it peaked at Number 36 in the UK Singles Chart. This is undoubtedly his signature song. There are two *famous* versions of this song, one being the 3 Minutes 37 Seconds Studio Version, and the other being a remake of the song (The Hit Crew), done with equal perfection. To be frank, I REALLY prefer the latter over the former. I’ll also post the remade song’s Youtube link to this blog, so you all can check it out. I’ll be reviewing this version of the song . [Source: Wikipedia]

Review: The song starts off with a beautiful piano intro. At 00:12, the bass guitar and the acoustic guitar kick in simultaneously. Now, to be frank; I wasn’t a great fan of Country music until I heard Blake Shelton‘s “Honeybee” (I’ll be reviewing that later, too). I gradually became accustomed to the rhythm, the beat and the typical country style accent; and I have to say, I really have started loving it! That’s when I Googled ‘Top 10 Country Songs Ever”,  and came up with this BEAUTIFUL song at Number 2. (Anyways, getting back to the song) The vocals start at 00:18. I don’t who has given the vocals for the remake version of the song, but I sure do want to worship him! His vocals blend into the song perfectly. The melody of the song and his voice together make a lethal combination. The accent he has used is also the typical “Garth Brooks” type of accent, because of which the song never loses it’s originality. My favorite part of the song viz. the chorus, starts at 00:47. It is absolutely beautiful! The beats start from the first chorus. The lyrics, being simplistic are equally mesmerizing. Doesn’t “I’m glad I didn’t know, the way it all would end; the way it all would go.. Our lives are better left to chance; I could have missed the pain. but I’d had to miss the dance” sound so simple, yet so beautiful? Such is the beauty of the song. During the last chorus, you’ll hear the harmonica very clearly; which accentuates the song very nicely. The singer finishes the vocals in typical country style too, taking a brief pause between “The” and “Dance”. The instrumentals take over from 02:42 (Instrumentals being the piano, drums, bass and acoustic guitar) and finish off the song very nicely. The song as a whole is so catchy, you’ll find it to be hard to resist. It certainly deserves a Number 1 position in my Top 10 Country Songs.

Rating: It’s at perfect 10/10! It’s got all the elements a country song needs. Accent, rhythm, the acoustic guitar and melting vocals. I recommend you listen to the song asap!


Lyrics for “The Dance” :

Download link for “The Dance” : (Right Click anywhere and click “Save As”)

Youtube link for “The Dance” : (MUST WATCH!)


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“The Dance” is a song from the album “Garth Brooks”