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I’m sorry for the ‘tremendously’ long break guys. We had completions, vivas and exams simultaneously, and I couldn’t salvage time and write my blogs. Anyways, I’m back with another Pop classic, and I hope people who haven’t heard this masterpiece will get to it right away! Here goes nothing!

George Michael – what does the name remind you of? Uncannily good looks, amazing love songs, and rhythm you couldn’t get your mind off for weeks. ‘Careless Whisper‘,’Father Figure‘,’Faith‘ and finally, ‘Last Christmas’ – All classics. In a recent interview with the soul-stirring musician, he revealed the secret of the power behind his lyrics: Heartbreak. He wrote his masterpieces when he went through a bad breakup (Note: He didn’t know he was gay before). But hey, he made amazing love songs, which still keep us warm in the cold winter nights. My top three George Michael songs are: Careless Whisper, Father Figure and Last Christmas.

Wham! (Musical Duo)

Wham! [L-R]: Andrew Ridgeley, George Michael

History:Last Christmas‘ is a single from the Pop duo Wham!, which was released in 1984 via Epic Records. The composition was done by George Michael. Since Wham! was a popular group in the UK and the US (especially in the UK), they had no problem snatching pole positions on the Christmas charts. It did, however, fail to grab the Number 1 position in UK, creating a record in the process – Being the only song in UK history to sell well over million copies, and NOT feature on the Number 1 position. The song performed quite well in Japan too, selling around 600,000 copies and featuring in the Top 10. To view the complete chart performance of ‘Last Christmas’, click here. While this song was on the charts, George Michael was also involved in another band called the Band Aid (it was actually a collaboration of the top UK artists at that time). Interestingly enough, Band Aid’s ‘Do You Know it’s Christmas?‘ topped the charts, and Wham! finished second. The royalties received after the success of both these singles were donated to the Ethiopian famine in 1984. There are currently two versions of this song, a 4 Minute 27 Second long Single version, and a 6 Minute 45 Second long (don’t laugh) Pudding Mix. Interestingly, the Pudding Mix (can’t stifle that chuckle, can you?) sold more copies than the Single Version; and hence, we’re going to review the Pudding Mix.

Review: The first 27 seconds of the song seem slow, with the occasional synthesizer rifts and effects. The second you hear George Michael whispering “Happy Christmas”, the beats kick in, holding a high and energetic tempo. The vocals make their move at 00:46, and the velvety voice of George Michael takes over. The piece of vocals you’ll hear is actually the chorus. The catchy moments are when George Michael says ‘gave’ and ‘save’ (go ahead, give it a listen and hear for yourself). It sounds funny, but it makes the song all the more listenable. At 01:04, the chorus loops again. The Christmas bells effects are added in the brief interlude between the chorus and the first stanza (which initiates at 01:40). As usual, George Michael and his soothing vocals send you in delirium, making you forget all your worries completely. The tempo of the beats will make you think this is actually a jolly song, which, in reality, is not. The second stanza starts after the chorus (starts at 02:15 and ends at 02:51, followed by a short interlude till 03:10). This stanza also holds the post-chorus part of the song, viz. “A Face On A Lover With A Fire In His Heart…” If there’s one thing which annoyed me, it’s the fact that there are too many choruses in this song (not that it any less enjoyable). The chorus starts (I know, once again! This time, however, George includes some snazzy off-beat vocals to spice things up) at 03:46, after which the post-chorus begins at around 04:20 (commenced after George Michael says “Special”). This also (more or less) marks the ending of the song, because the post-chorus and the chorus are looped and interleaved, and a few extra lines are added to avoid being too monotonous. I know, 2 minutes and 44 seconds of virtually nothing sounds quite boring; but this is George Michael we’re talking about! An extra tip: Edit the song from 06:09 till the ending – It’ll make for an amazing ringtone. Overall, the song is amazing. Of course, if you’re not a big fan of choruses being repeated (4 times [X 2], to be precise), you’ll probably choose to live without this one.

Lyrics For “Last Christmas”

Download Link For “Last Christmas” (Right Click on Song, click ‘Save Link/Target As’)

Last Christmas - Album Art

“Last Christmas” is a song presented by the English Pop duo Wham!


Okay guys, I’m finally back! After three long, strenuous weeks of exams, I can now finally breathe. The first thing I wanted to do was to update my blog. So, here I am! Let’s get started immediately, shall we?

Ah! The Beatles! Probably the band with the maximum number of followers. Who hasn’t heard of The Beatles? You all may probably be wondering – “Why isn’t this guy reviewing their big hits like ‘Yellow Submarine‘, ‘Hey Jude‘ or ‘Let It Be‘?” Well, the answer is quite simple – Those songs are too mainstream. Everyone knows those four songs. But do people know “Yesterday” as well as the songs above? You already know the answer. What I aim to do is spread the awesome ‘not-so-known’ songs of famous artists to as many people as possible. Okay; now that I have cleared my intentions, let’s get to it!

The Beatles (Band)

The Beatles (Band)

History: “Yesterday” is a song recorded by The Beatles for their 1965 album titled “Help!” Interestingly though, the song is completely credited to “Lennon – McCartney”, as it was completely written by Sir Paul McCartney himself. The song also has the most number of cover versions made after it, 2200 to be exact (Now that’s HUGE!) It is one of the most covered songs in the history of English Music. “Yesterday” was first released in the U.S., which is a bit intriguing for me. Surely enough, it hit the Number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Meanwhile, a cover version of the song (produced by Matt Monro) was released in the U.K., which fetched a similar response. The song was critically acclaimed and received tons of nods from critics. The final outcome of the song was so different than the songs The Beatles usually produced that it was vetoed as a single. “Yesterday” was also voted as the Best Song of the 20th Century by a BBC Radio poll. MTV and The Rolling Stones also followed suit. It was then conferred by the ultimate honor – Entry in the Grammy Hall of Fame. Dig this – “Yesterday” was reported to have been played more than a whopping SEVEN MILLION times in the 20th Century alone. Whew! There is only one version of this song – The Studio (Album) Version, which spans for a total of 2 Minutes and 5 Seconds.

What It Tries To Convey To Us: The name of the song strikes us with the first hint – That it’s sad. Next comes the melody, and it just makes the belief stronger. It is, indeed, a sad song. “Yesterday” is an acoustical ballad which revolves around a man who recalls the time he and his lover spent before their breakup. It seems to him as though the events which occurred took place just yesterday. it is, hence, a strong alibi to the statement “Time Flies”. The song explains his feelings after the breakup, and about how difficult it is to get on with life after such a harsh incident.

Review: The song starts off straightforwardly with the acoustic guitar, played in a soft, sad tone. Sir Paul McCartney initiates the vocals at 00:05, adding another layer of sadness to the song. The lyrics are stupendous, and leave you on pins and needles (They are particularly effective if you have just gone through a breakup.) There is no chorus to the song as such, but there IS a repetitive lyric – The “Why She Had To Go I Don’t Know, She Wouldn’t Say..” part, which is first heard at 00:40. The song’s background melody is haunting, and fits the front melody like a glove. Hat’s off to the Cello (Francisco Gabarro), Viola (Kenneth Essex) and the Violin (Tony Gilbert & Sidney Sax) players, who have given the song it’s amazing essence. The part of the song which gets to me the most is the second stanza, which includes the lyrics “Yesterday, Love Was Such An Easy Game To Play..” They literally send chills down my spine. The repetitive part starts again at 01:17, followed by (We’ve never experienced this before) a COMPLETE second stanza loop, which gradually fades off, signalling the end of the song.

Rating: This song was given a ticket for the Grammy Hall of Fame, damn it! Obviously, it HAS to score a perfect 10/10! Beautiful song, coupled with amazing vocals and lyrics, and a fabulous melody. Hat’s off to you, Sir Paul McCartney!

Lyrics For “Yesterday”

Download Link For “Yesterday” (Right Click on Link, Click “Save Target/Link As”)

The Beatles - Yesterday

“Yesterday” is a song produced by “The Beatles” for their album titled “Help!”

Hey guys! This is just a song I’d like you all to listen to.

If you thought George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” was a bit soft, think no more – For Seether has brought you the Cover Version (Rock), and boy is it amazing! The video is amazing too (Actually, the video has NO relevance to the song whatsoever, but it rocks anyway! Watch it (And listen to it, duh!) and have a nice time!

Download the mp3 version HERE (Right Click on link, click “Save Link/Target As”)

P.S: Even though this version of the song is incredible, it is NO match for George Michael’s timeless original.

John Lennon (John Winston Ono Lennon) [9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980] was (and still is) perhaps one of the best music artists ever. His song, ‘Imagine‘ left other music writers aghast. He was an active member of ‘The Beatles’, one of the most famous British Pop Rock bands ever. Together with Paul McCartneyGeorge Harrison and Ringo Starr, he completely revolutionized Pop Rock. Another of his best selling songs was “Jealous Guy”, which I’ll be reviewing today. Let’s get started.

John Lennon's signature

John Lennon’s signature

History: ‘Jealous Guy’ was a song from the 1971 album ‘Imagine’. The origin of this song bore it’s roots in India. The Beatles, on their visit to India, had attended a lecture by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The lecture inspired both Lennon and McCartney, and they both composed two different songs based on the same ideas. The Beatles didn’t accept John Lennon’s version of the song. While Paul McCartney’s song was a huge hit, John Lennon’s song didn’t perform too well. Determined as he was, Lennon kept releasing new versions of the song (There are now 3 versions, one which was demoed in George Harrison’s ‘Esher‘ house, one in which John Lennon gave the backing vocals, and one was made at Apple Studios. Finally, John Lennon scrapped the lyrics and gave the song a total makeover, and it resulted in the song ‘Jealous Guy’. The bass guitar of the song was given by Klaus Voormann, a friend of The Beatles. There is only one version of this song, which has a duration of 4 minutes and 14 seconds. [Source – Wikipedia]

What it tries to convey to us: My father is a BIG Beatles fan. According to him, this song was written by Lennon after he had split from The Beatles. History says that Yoko Ono wanted to be the fifth member of The Beatles. Despite many attempts to convince her, she did not heed to their request and demanded that she be the fifth member. Finally, The Beatles decided to split; as they knew she would have made matters even worse. John Lennon then dedicated this song to Paul McCartney and tried and tell him that the split was his fault, and not Yoko Ono’s. But by then, it was too late. The entire song is based on Lennon’s apology to McCartney.

Review: The song starts with a beautiful piano tune (Courtesy Nicky Hopkins). At 00:15, John Lennon starts the vocals. The pitch and smoothness of his voice makes the song so realistic, it hurts. The lyrics of the song are SIMPLY OUTSTANDING. If you listen carefully, you can hear the acoustic guitar playing in the background (Courtesy John Lennon, Joey Molland and Tom Evans). At 00:42, the bass guitar kicks in (Klaus Voormann).At 01:10, the drums are introduced and the tempo of the song is set to a slow and steady beat (Courtesy Jim Keltner). You’ll hear the harmonium (John Barham) if you listen carefully. An awesome fact about this song is that the bass guitar is used as a lead instrument, and the harmonium is used to give the song a steady rhythm. Everything blends together ever so perfectly, and the outcome is a mind blowing song. John Lennon starts his whistling at 02:07. Needless to say, the whistles also add an extra bit of emotion to the song. At 02:36, John Lennon takes over again. The chorus is simply amazing. You’ll hear the vibraphone very clearly at 03:07 when Lennon is saying “I was trying to catch your eye, thought that you was trying to hide”. The song fades along with the vibraphone at 04:04.

Rating: It’s a real shame that The Beatles didn’t accept this song in their album ‘The Beatles (White Album)”. John Lennon has absolutely nailed this song! 10/10! R.I.P John Lennon! The world will always remember you for who you were.

Lyrics for ‘Jealous Guy’ :

Download link for ‘Jealous Guy’ :

Album art

‘Jealous Guy’ is a song from the album ‘Imagine’