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It’s raining outside, you’ve cuddled yourself in the warmest blanket you could find, you have a hot cup of cocoa kept in your reach, and a melodious, soothing playlist is playing softly in the background. What else can you ask from life in those moments? Unfortunately, sometimes we choose a song which is either too loud/harsh or too soft/mushy to suit the rainy environment. The songs we choose should be fresh, just like the newly wet earth; and the combined feeling of the aroma of the ground and the music should make the hair on your skin stand up.

I’ve had many people ask me for a suitable playlist on a rainy day, and I decided to make a universal playlist that everyone can listen to. But what if its not raining in your country? Fret not, there is a website that will make you feel right in the middle of a heavy downpour.

I really have to thank the creators who came up with this amazingly ingenious idea – and actually got it to work. I’ve seen websites where you can morph your voice, virtually make coffee, and what not. But this? Completely out-of-the-box thinking.

Okay, so the website is as follows:

Can the name of the website get any better? Probably not. When you’re in the mood for a virtual downpour, just head on to this site, and turn the speaker volume up. It has an awesome background too- that of a fogged up window, with rain pellets knocking on it. Really, all you need now is a shower hose drenching you, and you have a mini downpour!

Okay, getting straight down to business, here are the top 10 songs that I personally think HAVE to be on everyone’s rainy day playlist. Some are old, and some are relatively new. So here we go!


Rain Songs

Number 10: Coldplay – The Scientist

Why I included this – The song’s tempo and the rhythm suit the noise of the rain perfectly. The vocals also make the rain much more enjoyable. Sit back and enjoy!

Number 9: The Eagles – New Kid In Town

Why I included this – This song has a bass and rhythm that compels you to get out of your chair and jump in the rain. It’s subtly paced and has a smooth flow of vocals to it. This is one song you don’t want to forget adding in your playlist!

Number 8: Simon And Garfunkel – The Boxer

Why I included this – Does it need an explanation? Soft melody, powerful lyrics, and a feel-good atmosphere all around when you hear the song. Beautiful vocals are just the topping to the cake. Hum to this one while it pours outside!

Number 7: Michael Learns To Rock – The Actor

Why I included this – The vocals are probably the softest ones I’ve ever heard. The pace of the song, the steady beats and the mild rhythm in the backdrop make it a must-listen-to song during the rains.

Number 6: Pink Floyd – Time

Why I included this Ah! Nothing like sitting inside and reflecting on the time spent in your life! You, dear reader; just sit back, turn the rain volume up, close your eyes and relax. Sir Gilmour will do the rest!

Number 5: Abba – Fernando

Why I included this – ABBA – Enough said.

Number 4: Chicago – If You Leave Me Now

Why I included this – Probably the best vocals (next to SImon & Garfunkel), this song just flows! The song may sound all mushy, but it’s not. Listening to this song whilst the rain actually brought a tear in my eye – it sounds that beautiful!

Number 3: Credence Clearwater Revival – Who’ll Stop The Rain

Why I included this – Isn’t the song name quite ironic? But no; nobody wants to stop the rain. The classic country vocals and the lively beats make for a memorable evening in the rain. The lead guitar is the main reason I recommend this song to you.

Number 2: Bee Gees – How Deep Is Your Love

Why I included this – Absolutely mesmerizing vocals and a soft, subtle melody and soft beats are the factors which make this song Number 2 on the list. Don’t miss it!

Number 1: Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

Why I chose this as the Number 1 – The “If I Just Lay Here” part seems so relevant to the rain outside. It creates a totally different atmosphere altogether.  Okay, maybe the song is a little romantic, but I urge you to listen to this song in the rain. I’m sure it’ll be the most memorable downpour you’ll remember! The chorus was enough to move me to tears. Don’t you dare miss this one!

Hope you like the collection! To download the complete list, I have provided a link to 4shared below. Sign in using your Social Network id and password to download! Enjoy!

Link To Download Above Songs:

Again, don’t forget to type in this website and leaving it on for the rain sound:


Ah! Michael Learns To Rock (Often abbreviated as MLTR) – The infamous band which produced some of the most beautiful music on the planet. Unfortunately, MLTR couldn’t climb the ladder of success all over the world; but they were hugely popular in Asia (Where they sold an excess of 6 million records). Overall, MLTR sold close to 11 million albums worldwide. But good music isn’t always famous, is it? Sometimes, you have to scourge the earth to find awesome music – In this case, MLTR. But that’s fate, right? Murphy’s Law; to be precise. I really don’t get it – This song has won over all the people who have listened to it; yet it hasn’t got the response it deserves. It has all the right ingredients in place – Beautiful vocals, rhythm, soulful lyrics and the most important…This song connects to everyone’s hearts; because everyone has to have gone through this phase. I’m here to try and encourage all my readers to go and listen to MLTR; and give them the deserved credit. Saying thus, I begin my review. Buckle up, guys!


MLTR [L-R]: Mikkel Lentz, Jascha Richter, Søren Madsen & Kåre Wanscher

History:Damn! I had trouble even finding the roots of this song on the internet. This just goes on to prove the popularity this song has gained – Nil. Anyways, here’s all I could get:

“That’s Why (You Go Away)” is a song from from MLTR‘s album titled “Played On Pepper”, which was released worldwide in August 1995. The album went on to sell over 1.2 million copies, but most of them were concentrated in Asia itself. It was also the first time where MLTR recorded and produced their own album by themselves. In order to promote their album, MLTR played 25 shows in 10 countries, including Africa, Brazil and The United Arab Emirates. “That’s Why (You Go Away)” is the 3rd single from the album. The song has only one version – The Official one, running for 4 Minutes and 10 Seconds. [Source – All Over The Net]

What it tries to convey to us: The song’s title tells you all you need to know here.

*A sincere request to all my readers – Please scroll down, open up the lyrics, and then listen to the song*

Review: The song kicks off with a beautiful soft and soulful piano cover, after which the vocals are initiated at 00:10. Jascha Richter really has an amazing voice; lending support to the song all the way till the end. The literal meaning of the song is really painful; and it has probably happened to almost everyone that I know of. In fact, when this incident happened with me; the only pillar of strength I had was this song. I know, listening to the song after a bad breakup is like rubbing salt on a deep cut; but hey – It worked. I finally did manage to move on with my life, courtesy “That’s Why (You Go Away)”. Moving on, (Pun very much intended!) The beats start at 00:40, after an audible bass chord. The beats suit the song perfectly – Not too slow, not too harsh. The song is slow, describing every single detail of the state of the person. The piano keeps playing in the background, and has a sort of dual personality – It provides the base of the song, as well as fills in the instrumental gaps perfectly. The first chorus starts at 01:09 (The chorus arguably being the best part of the song). It is so well executed, you play the song over and over again until you get the hang of it.  There’s a notable increase in the lead guitar’s pitch during the chorus; but the reason is evident – It’s done so as to attract the attention of the listener to the chorus. MLTR is probably the only band (At least among all the bands whom I know of) which can  alternate between the genres of Rock & Pop effortlessly – The chorus being the perfect example of this genre switching brilliance. The part I especially love is the ending of the chorus. The “That’s Why You Go…Away I Know” is said so beautifully, it melts the listener. The song comes down to it’s normal tone and the beats return to slow after the chorus ends. The awesome thing about MLTR’s lyrics is their simplicity. They are really simple, but straight to the point. The second chorus starts again at 02:09, after which a little vocal interlude is initiated. A short, but sweet guitar solo follows the bridge, followed by the chorus again. The song begins fading off after the second chorus loop, and completely ends with the final strum of an acoustic guitar at 04:05 (The part from the bridge to the end is fast paced).

Rating: “That’s Why (You Go Away)” deserves a well-earned 10/10 according to me. It also gains some extra points for the flawless ‘genre-switch’ phenomenon. A must listen to, guys! I know MANY of you mustn’t have even heard about this band; but I implore you – Please go listen to the song (And others too!).

Well, I’ve done everything I could. I’ve tried to convince you guys to go and give MLTR an ear. It’s up to you now. Tell me how you thought the song was in the comments section. I’ll be more than happy to clear up any doubts for you, or even give you more song suggestions. This is one song you don’t want to miss, guys!

Lyrics For “That’s Why (You Go Away)”

Download Link For “That’s Why (You Go Away)” (Right Click on link, click “Save Link/Target As”)

Youtube Link For “That’s Why (You Go Away)” :

Album Art

“That’s Why (You Go Away)” is a single from MLTR’s album titled “Played On Peppers”