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The very first song one would recollect when I say ‘Sting’ would be ‘Desert Rose‘. Granted, the artistically made song captures everyone’s mind, but what about his former hits like ‘Shape Of My Heart’ or ‘Fields Of Gold’? Now, I’m going to go straight out and say it – I like ‘Fields Of Gold’ more than ‘Desert Rose’. Why? Probably because the song has a more ‘realistic’ approach to it, it’s much softer and pleasant to the ears, and the main reason – The lyrics. The song I’m reviewing today has amazing lyrics, compared to those in ‘Desert Rose’. So, let’s get to it!

Sting (Singer)

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner (a.k.a Sting)

History: ‘Fields Of Gold‘ is a song from the English artist Sting, a former member of ‘The Police‘. The song was released as a part of the 1993 album titled Ten Summoner’s Tales. The song didn’t do particularly well, reaching Number 16 on the UK Singles Chart, Number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100. The best position it secured was that of Number 2 on the Adult Contemporary Charts. All in all, the song did pretty well in the western hemisphere. What I have to say after reading all these facts is – pitiful. In my opinion, this song should have fared more than ‘Desert Rose’. The number of Youtube hits the Official Video of this song has is also something to be ashamed of – nearly 5 million. In today’s time, a measly viral video of a drunken man falling off his car gets 5 million+ views. What people really need to do is forget new age music (which are completely ruining the English language) and indulge in oldies like this. The duration of the song is 3 Minutes and 41 Seconds (Album Version).

Review: Sometimes, you know the song is brilliant just by listening to the starting. This song gives you the chills as soon as kicks off. The bass creeps in sharply, and the subtle undertones of the Northumbrian smallpipes (courtesy Kathryn Tickell) and harmonica (Brendan Power) add a haunting overlay to the song. Add Sting’s deep vocals to the mix, and you have a beautiful song in the making. The lyrics – Not overtly mushy, but hitting the perfect notes to make your heart melt. They (the lyrics), however, compose the winning formula for this song. They’re simply amazing! Take this piece of the second verse for example:

“So she took her love for to gaze awhile
Upon the fields of barley
In his arms she fell as her hair came down
Among the fields of gold”

Can a song get any better than this? Simple, yet elegant – Just the way everyone loves it. The interesting part about this song is that it doesn’t have a chorus, and every verse ends with (more or less) the same line. The only time when Sting breaks his rhythm is at the fourth verse (starts at 01:47), after which the song proceeds to the interlude (02:11). The guitar solo, well, is just indescribable. It’s very soft, and literally gives you the motions. It’s perfectly tuned (between an acoustic and a Spanish guitar), so it’s 18 seconds of pure, unadulterated heaven.A short verse ensues post the interlude, after which the first verse is looped again (02:48), which marks the end. The song dies down elegantly after a looped “As We Walked The Fields Of Gold”. Ending notes? Amazing song, but very unlucky. People should really look back to the past and reflect upon what they’re listening to now.

Lyrics For “Fields Of Gold”

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Album Art

‘Fields Of Gold’ is a song written by the artist Sting, for his album titled ‘Songs From The Labyrinth’

We all know Sting, right? The one who sang ‘Desert Rose’ with Cheb Mami? No doubt it’s an awesome song, but any guesses in which band he was before he turned solo? Yup, it was ‘The Police’. They were one of the most reputed rock bands in the 80’s. This song, viz. ‘Every Breath You Take’ must be like an anthem to people who know how to play the guitar, because it’s the first rift you learn. It’s simple, but it’s so brilliantly done. This was the bands’ signature song. So, let’s get to it!

History: ‘Every Breath You Take’ is a song from The Polices’ 1983 album ‘Synchronicity’. This song was one of THE major hits of the 80’s, topping the US Billboard’s Hot 100 for a whopping eight weeks, and the UK charts for a commendable four weeks (Ironically, as ‘The Police’ was a British band). It also stayed on the Billboard Top Tracks for 9 weeks. There is just one version of the song, viz. the 4 minutes and 14 seconds one. It peaked at number 8 in Austria and Belgium, Number 1 in Canada, South Africa, UK and the US, number 2 in Sweden and Norway, (I still don’t know how it performed in India!) etc.. An awesome fact about this song is that it generated one – third of ‘The Police’s’ income by itself (Cool, huh?).

 What it tries to convey to us: ‘Every Breath You Take’ is considered to be a soft, gentle and smooth love song. Well, it’s not. Don’t get me wrong; it’s just that there are two ways of looking at this song. I always that this song has a more ‘sinister’ meaning to it. If you’ve listened to the lyrics keenly, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The lines “Every breath you take, I’ll be watching you” or “Every move you make, every vow you make, every smile you fake, every claim you stake, I’ll be watching you” do give off a sinister aura to the song. In reality, Sting himself said that the song is about jealousy towards his ex – wife. Actually, this song was written when his marriage was on the verge of breaking. Amidst the feelings of jealousy and obsession for surveillance and control over his lost lover, the song got it’s ‘stalker – like’ lyrics. In fact, this song is the 5th most misinterpreted song ever. Long story short, this song has a dual meaning.

Review: The song kicks off with an amazing bass guitar rift. The beats are very soothing, and before you know it, you’re listening to the song with your full attention. Add to that Sting’s awesome vocals from 00:16, and you’re officially hooked to the song. The song is paced ever so elegantly. The rhythmic guitar rift starts from 00:53, and even though it’s not too loud, you can feel that it spices up the song very nicely. Sting steps on the gas at 01:22, and cranks the song up to a slightly higher tempo by using a high pitch. He returns back to the normal beat at 01:47 after a LONG “Please”, and initiates the chorus right after a brief female – sung chorus. At 03:01, everyone except Sting starts chanting the chorus right up until the end. Sting keeps adding “I’ll be watching you” and a couple of “Ooh’s” to keep the tempo alive, and then the song gradually softens at 02:41. The song itself is so fast paced, you’ll hardly notice how time flew by while you were listening to the song.

Rating: ‘Every breath you take’, according to me, is the most famous song of the 80’s. The bass guitar is meaty and packs a punch; the rhythmic guitar does it’s job perfectly, and Sting nails it with his awesome voice. Women experience a stronger bond with this song as compared to men, because the song being so gentle and warm; they feel safe with it (No, seriously! My sister told me this!). A perfect 10/10!


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Album art

‘Every breath you take’ is a song from the album ‘Synchronicity’