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Words cannot describe how beautifully a simple flash animation has captured the raw emotions of Pink Floyd’s epic song – Time. Every effect blends perfectly with the emotion produced by the guitar and the vocals. Also, the surreal colors used in the animation give you some kind of trip. Watch it for an amazing experience!


It’s raining outside, you’ve cuddled yourself in the warmest blanket you could find, you have a hot cup of cocoa kept in your reach, and a melodious, soothing playlist is playing softly in the background. What else can you ask from life in those moments? Unfortunately, sometimes we choose a song which is either too loud/harsh or too soft/mushy to suit the rainy environment. The songs we choose should be fresh, just like the newly wet earth; and the combined feeling of the aroma of the ground and the music should make the hair on your skin stand up.

I’ve had many people ask me for a suitable playlist on a rainy day, and I decided to make a universal playlist that everyone can listen to. But what if its not raining in your country? Fret not, there is a website that will make you feel right in the middle of a heavy downpour.

I really have to thank the creators who came up with this amazingly ingenious idea – and actually got it to work. I’ve seen websites where you can morph your voice, virtually make coffee, and what not. But this? Completely out-of-the-box thinking.

Okay, so the website is as follows:

Can the name of the website get any better? Probably not. When you’re in the mood for a virtual downpour, just head on to this site, and turn the speaker volume up. It has an awesome background too- that of a fogged up window, with rain pellets knocking on it. Really, all you need now is a shower hose drenching you, and you have a mini downpour!

Okay, getting straight down to business, here are the top 10 songs that I personally think HAVE to be on everyone’s rainy day playlist. Some are old, and some are relatively new. So here we go!


Rain Songs

Number 10: Coldplay – The Scientist

Why I included this – The song’s tempo and the rhythm suit the noise of the rain perfectly. The vocals also make the rain much more enjoyable. Sit back and enjoy!

Number 9: The Eagles – New Kid In Town

Why I included this – This song has a bass and rhythm that compels you to get out of your chair and jump in the rain. It’s subtly paced and has a smooth flow of vocals to it. This is one song you don’t want to forget adding in your playlist!

Number 8: Simon And Garfunkel – The Boxer

Why I included this – Does it need an explanation? Soft melody, powerful lyrics, and a feel-good atmosphere all around when you hear the song. Beautiful vocals are just the topping to the cake. Hum to this one while it pours outside!

Number 7: Michael Learns To Rock – The Actor

Why I included this – The vocals are probably the softest ones I’ve ever heard. The pace of the song, the steady beats and the mild rhythm in the backdrop make it a must-listen-to song during the rains.

Number 6: Pink Floyd – Time

Why I included this Ah! Nothing like sitting inside and reflecting on the time spent in your life! You, dear reader; just sit back, turn the rain volume up, close your eyes and relax. Sir Gilmour will do the rest!

Number 5: Abba – Fernando

Why I included this – ABBA – Enough said.

Number 4: Chicago – If You Leave Me Now

Why I included this – Probably the best vocals (next to SImon & Garfunkel), this song just flows! The song may sound all mushy, but it’s not. Listening to this song whilst the rain actually brought a tear in my eye – it sounds that beautiful!

Number 3: Credence Clearwater Revival – Who’ll Stop The Rain

Why I included this – Isn’t the song name quite ironic? But no; nobody wants to stop the rain. The classic country vocals and the lively beats make for a memorable evening in the rain. The lead guitar is the main reason I recommend this song to you.

Number 2: Bee Gees – How Deep Is Your Love

Why I included this – Absolutely mesmerizing vocals and a soft, subtle melody and soft beats are the factors which make this song Number 2 on the list. Don’t miss it!

Number 1: Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

Why I chose this as the Number 1 – The “If I Just Lay Here” part seems so relevant to the rain outside. It creates a totally different atmosphere altogether.  Okay, maybe the song is a little romantic, but I urge you to listen to this song in the rain. I’m sure it’ll be the most memorable downpour you’ll remember! The chorus was enough to move me to tears. Don’t you dare miss this one!

Hope you like the collection! To download the complete list, I have provided a link to 4shared below. Sign in using your Social Network id and password to download! Enjoy!

Link To Download Above Songs:

Again, don’t forget to type in this website and leaving it on for the rain sound:

Now this is a song everyone on the planet HAS to have heard. Undoubtedly the best song R.E.M. ever produced, “Losing My Religion” is an awesome mix of VERY, VERY confusing lyrics along with a great (and monotonous) rhythm, and an EXTREMELY catchy tune. It’s one of those songs you just can’t get out of your head! My top 5 R.E.M. songs – 1) Losing My Religion, 2) Everybody Hurts, 3) UBerlin (Still don’t know why they call it that!), 4) Man Of The Moon, and 5) Drive. Let’s get to it then, shall we?

R.E.M. (Band)

R.E.M. [L-R]: Michael Stipe, Bill Rieflin, Peter Buck

History: “Losing My Religion” is a song from the American band R.E.M., which was released as the first single from their 1991 album “Out Of Time“. The song, according to the critics, was considered to be an ‘unusual’ hit. “Losing My Religion” was also one of those songs which gained fame due to their music video. It’s REALLY weird, believe me! This song was also R.E.M.’s best ever performance, which led to “Losing My Religion” peaking at Number 4 on The Billboard Hot 100.  It was nominated for several Grammy Awards, and won two for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal and Best Short Form Music Video. The only version of this song is the 4 Minute 28 Second Studio Version. [Source: Wikipedia]

What This Song Tries To Convey To Us: Okay. Here’s what I want you guys to do: Firstly, download/play the song from the link provided below, then fire up the lyrics (Link given below) and try to keep your head as empty as possible when you listen to the song. At first, you’ll think, “What the hell does this song mean?” . Well, the song does NOT concern religion at all! Great, huh? According to Stipe (Their lead singer), ‘Losing My Religion’ is actually another phrase for ‘At My Wit’s End’ in the South. There have been a LOT of fights online regarding the REAL meaning of this song. Okay, although the song does not relate to religion, the video is kind of creepy, if you ask me. A man with wings? People sitting together, in disdain? Isn’t this religion (Catholic, to be precise)? Following the release of the music video, there were a lot of protests by the Catholics, but the song finally won their hearts, and they decided to let go.

Word Of Warning! : This song is NOT for the people who like variations in their songs. The rhythm in this is very monotonous, and it may frustrate few people too. Just clearing it up!

Review: The best part of the song – A mandolin jamming with a guitar, followed by beats, and very LITTLE bass. Awesome combination! The song kicks off with the REALLY catchy mandolin rift, and the beats accompany it all along. You’ll notice almost immediately, that even though the song seems to be slow, the overall pace of the song is quite fast. Michael Stipe starts off with the vocals at 00:14. The lyrics of the song are REALLY complex. And, as fate would have it; it has a dual meaning. One is the explanation I have given above, and the second one is all about religion (I wouldn’t like to go down there!) The vocals are soft, and accentuate the song very nicely. An awesome fact – The chorus is sung in the same tune! It’s really tough to make out the chorus. But with a bit of consistent listening, you’ll figure it out. The first chorus starts at 00:46, and BOY is it long (45 seconds, to be precise)! The thing I love about this song is it’s monotonousness. The rhythm just keeps on going. With the commencement of the second stanza at 01:32, you’ll surely notice how fast the song goes by. My best guess – it’s because of the chorus. Anyways, the second stanza ends at 02:31, and the “I Thought That I Heard You Laughing..” commences right after. Then comes the turning point of the song. At 02:49, the song stops, and the rhythm slows itself. Nothing except the mandolin and the the guitar strumming is heard.  The vocals and the beats slowly increase in pitch and converge with the rhythm, and the song flows as one again; this time, commencing from the middle of the chorus. The song goes into a loop of “Try”,” Cry” & “That Was Just A Dream”, and ends on the mandolin note.

Rating: While some people really despise this song, I love it – For it’s monotonous tune, it’s deep meaning, great vocals (Courtesy Michael Stipe) and an awesome mandolin rift. It’s a sure shot 10/10 for me! Tip – I’ve provided the Youtube link below. Watch Michael Stipe dance. Really awesome to watch!


Lyrics For “Losing My Religion” :

Youtube Link For “Losing My Religion” :

Download Link For “Losing My Religion” : (Right Click on link, click “Save Link/Target As”)


Album Art

“Losing My Religion” is a song from R.E.M.’s album “Out Of Time”