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I’m sorry for the ‘tremendously’ long break guys. We had completions, vivas and exams simultaneously, and I couldn’t salvage time and write my blogs. Anyways, I’m back with another Pop classic, and I hope people who haven’t heard this masterpiece will get to it right away! Here goes nothing!

George Michael – what does the name remind you of? Uncannily good looks, amazing love songs, and rhythm you couldn’t get your mind off for weeks. ‘Careless Whisper‘,’Father Figure‘,’Faith‘ and finally, ‘Last Christmas’ – All classics. In a recent interview with the soul-stirring musician, he revealed the secret of the power behind his lyrics: Heartbreak. He wrote his masterpieces when he went through a bad breakup (Note: He didn’t know he was gay before). But hey, he made amazing love songs, which still keep us warm in the cold winter nights. My top three George Michael songs are: Careless Whisper, Father Figure and Last Christmas.

Wham! (Musical Duo)

Wham! [L-R]: Andrew Ridgeley, George Michael

History:Last Christmas‘ is a single from the Pop duo Wham!, which was released in 1984 via Epic Records. The composition was done by George Michael. Since Wham! was a popular group in the UK and the US (especially in the UK), they had no problem snatching pole positions on the Christmas charts. It did, however, fail to grab the Number 1 position in UK, creating a record in the process – Being the only song in UK history to sell well over million copies, and NOT feature on the Number 1 position. The song performed quite well in Japan too, selling around 600,000 copies and featuring in the Top 10. To view the complete chart performance of ‘Last Christmas’, click here. While this song was on the charts, George Michael was also involved in another band called the Band Aid (it was actually a collaboration of the top UK artists at that time). Interestingly enough, Band Aid’s ‘Do You Know it’s Christmas?‘ topped the charts, and Wham! finished second. The royalties received after the success of both these singles were donated to the Ethiopian famine in 1984. There are currently two versions of this song, a 4 Minute 27 Second long Single version, and a 6 Minute 45 Second long (don’t laugh) Pudding Mix. Interestingly, the Pudding Mix (can’t stifle that chuckle, can you?) sold more copies than the Single Version; and hence, we’re going to review the Pudding Mix.

Review: The first 27 seconds of the song seem slow, with the occasional synthesizer rifts and effects. The second you hear George Michael whispering “Happy Christmas”, the beats kick in, holding a high and energetic tempo. The vocals make their move at 00:46, and the velvety voice of George Michael takes over. The piece of vocals you’ll hear is actually the chorus. The catchy moments are when George Michael says ‘gave’ and ‘save’ (go ahead, give it a listen and hear for yourself). It sounds funny, but it makes the song all the more listenable. At 01:04, the chorus loops again. The Christmas bells effects are added in the brief interlude between the chorus and the first stanza (which initiates at 01:40). As usual, George Michael and his soothing vocals send you in delirium, making you forget all your worries completely. The tempo of the beats will make you think this is actually a jolly song, which, in reality, is not. The second stanza starts after the chorus (starts at 02:15 and ends at 02:51, followed by a short interlude till 03:10). This stanza also holds the post-chorus part of the song, viz. “A Face On A Lover With A Fire In His Heart…” If there’s one thing which annoyed me, it’s the fact that there are too many choruses in this song (not that it any less enjoyable). The chorus starts (I know, once again! This time, however, George includes some snazzy off-beat vocals to spice things up) at 03:46, after which the post-chorus begins at around 04:20 (commenced after George Michael says “Special”). This also (more or less) marks the ending of the song, because the post-chorus and the chorus are looped and interleaved, and a few extra lines are added to avoid being too monotonous. I know, 2 minutes and 44 seconds of virtually nothing sounds quite boring; but this is George Michael we’re talking about! An extra tip: Edit the song from 06:09 till the ending – It’ll make for an amazing ringtone. Overall, the song is amazing. Of course, if you’re not a big fan of choruses being repeated (4 times [X 2], to be precise), you’ll probably choose to live without this one.

Lyrics For “Last Christmas”

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Last Christmas - Album Art

“Last Christmas” is a song presented by the English Pop duo Wham!


I now present to you the man who changed the face of Pop (Yes, even before Michael Jackson) forever – George Michael. With a voice (And according to a few of my lady friends, looks too) to die for, and smooth rhythms, he certainly is a strong competitor for the second “King of Pop” (We all know who the first one is, right?). Even if he comes second here, he surely is the Number 1 in the R&B genre. In fact, it will be valid to state that “Careless Whisper” changed the face of R&B forever. This song is Incredibly sexy sounding; and it sends every inch of your body in overdrive. The lyrics make any ordinary human being melt from the inside. I was listening to my oldies Pop playlist when I stumbled upon the song after quite a long time, hence deciding to review it right away. I frantically searched the internet for a Karaoke Version of the song, and finally got it (I’ll post the link below)! The reason why I’m providing the karaoke link is because this song played on the karaoke has the power to bring all the family together. So without any further adieu, let’s get to it!

George Michael (Singer)

George Michael

History:Careless Whisper” is a single (Released in 1984) by George Michael. However, the U.S. version has the “Wham!” band, featuring George Michael (Funny, as he was a member of their band at first!). When released as a single, it did wonders everywhere, and reached Number 1 in almost 25 COUNTRIES, selling about 6 MILLION units worldwide! For the complete chart performance, click here. It is also the song which has the most derived Cover Songs (Ranging from covers in English to Japanese!) The music video is also really nicely made, with George Michael playing the lead (For complete info, click here). The violin saxophone was played by Andy Hamilton. “Careless Whisper” has two versions, one being the 5 Minutes 4 Seconds Single Version, while the other is a 6 Minute 30 Seconds Album Version (I’ll be reviewing the former one, but I’ll provide the download link for the latter version too. You’re welcome!)

What it tries to convey to us: If you’re listening to the song for the first time, you’ll think that the song is about a man who feels guilty about something, and a dance, and what not. Long story short – You’ll make a complete mess out of the real meaning. You’ll HAVE to see the video in order to know what the song is really based on. But being the person who always thinks two steps ahead, I’ll brief it out for you. It’s about a man who is in a relationship with two women at the same time. The song portrays the guilt the man feels when he’s with either one of them. And then Murphy’s Law comes in – His game plan is finally discovered when one of the women walks in on the other cuddling up with him. The song is a real mood changer, so be prepared for some deep thoughts, heavy breathing and recollection of affairs gone bad (If you’ve had any, that is).

Review: The rhythm of the song is INCREDIBLY sexy. The saxophone riff (Andy Hamilton) really, really suits the song. The beats (Trevor Morrell) are moderate and the bass (Deon Estus) is heavy, which help to raise the intensity of the seriousness by a couple of notches. The song starts off with the saxophone riff, followed by the beats. Although you may not REALLY like the riff, it will take time before you do (Patience, people!). Listen to the song for a couple more times, and feel the riff seeping into your head. You’ll know when you start liking it (You’ll start mimicking the saxophone riff – At least I did!). George Micheal makes an outstanding entry with his incredibly smooth and sexy voice at 00:26. The tempo of the song is slow, which will help you get more out of the song. You can make out every word he’s saying, thanks to the slow rhythm. The lyrics, as I previously stated – Are absolutely amazing (Especially the chorus lyrics)! The first chorus starts at 00:51, and it’s EXTREMELY catchy. After a brief acoustic guitar interlude, the second stanza takes flight at 01:29. This time, the tempo drops another notch. The mixture of the acoustic guitar, bass and the saxophone catches on quickly. The second chorus starts at 01:54, added with a few more effects (Like a few background vocals). The saxophone riff is initiated after the solo, and it acts like a bridge connecting two mountains; because the part after the saxophone interlude is COMPLETELY different from the former one. George Michael steps on the throttle, and increases his tone without changing the tempo of the song from 02:44. The part emphasizes on the post red-handed catching part, where the man tries to convince himself that there was nothing he could do to get her back. The vocal bridge blends in beautifully with the chorus at 03:10, and the song continues in normal mode from there onward. The saxophone riff starts and plays for a brief amount of time, before George kicks in with his terrific vocal highs. Till today, I haven’t been able to make out what the highs say. The rest of the song is instrumental, with the occasional “Ta da da da”. The song starts to fade off from 04:45, and ends at 05:04.

Rating: For the man who has us totally mesmerized with his vocals, rhythm and lyrics; full marks are a must. 10/10 for this amazing song! Hat’s off to you, George Michael!

Lyrics for “Careless Whisper”

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Karaoke Version Of “Careless Whisper” (The file has a .kar file format. I recommend you download Van Bosco’s Karaoke Player for Windows from here.)

Youtube link for “Careless Whisper (Official Video)”

Album Art

“Careless Whisper” is a single from George Michael