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Words cannot describe how beautifully a simple flash animation has captured the raw emotions of Pink Floyd’s epic song – Time. Every effect blends perfectly with the emotion produced by the guitar and the vocals. Also, the surreal colors used in the animation give you some kind of trip. Watch it for an amazing experience!


Many of you may/may not know about this young prodigy, but I’m going to tell you anyways. Sungha Jung is playing the acoustic guitar since he was 5 years old, and he recorded his very first acoustical cover when he was 8. The first song? ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ by The Beatles. This kid has got EXCEPTIONAL talent. I just watched, mesmerized by how effortlessly he played the guitar.. He’s made some amazing cover versions, but the most amazing piece (according to me) was his cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘The Boxer’..

Just switch on the video, watch the kid do his magic and sit there slack-jawed. After the first time, hit replay and close your eyes and feel the music flow through you.. It’s absolutely soul stirring! I’m sure Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel would be very proud!

*NOTE* – Sungha Jung performed this song when he was 13, and he’s almost 18 now. I urge you to go check out his Youtube channel: jwc

Okay, this one’s not as popular as the other songs I’ve reviewed lately, but I’ve grown a liking for this one. This is a song which the world (unfortunately) doesn’t know much about, but is still a ‘masterpiece’ in it’s true sense. So what’s the name of the song? I just said it. No, really; I just said it – ‘Masterpiece’. And it’s from a Pop group that didn’t quite make it to the top – Atlantic Starr. Actually, Atlantic Starr did make it to the top of many R&B charts, but the genre of songs people favored in those years was Rock, not R&B; and hence the virtually invisible status of this group. But that’s what we’re here for, right? For knowing the unknown. There are countless other groups out there that produced exceptional music, but never got the chance. And now, we have Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha and what not with their pathetic behavior and antics, hogging the spotlight and Youtube views. Anyways, back to the times when music was actually good!

Atlantic Starr

Atlantic Starr (Band)

History: ‘Masterpiece’ is a R&B song released by Atlantic Starr (with the help of Kenny Nolan) in the Mid 90’s. A single was first released, after which it was re-released as a part of the album ‘Love Crazy‘. It gained some recognition from the public after it’s re-release, resulting in a sudden jump to the Number 3 position on the U.S Billboard Top 100 and the U.S Hot R&B Singles. It also went on to grab Number 2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks. Not bad, huh? Too bad the song didn’t stay on the charts for long – the world would’ve known what an amazing Pop group it was. There is just one version of this song – The 4 Minutes 53 Second Album Release Version.

Review: The song starts off with a gentle synthesizer vibe, followed by soft background hymns. David Lewis puts things in motion at 00:15, initiating the vocals. His voice, I have to say, is simply outstanding – soft, composed and full of emotion. The way he says ‘touched my heart’ at 00:45 demonstrates the qualities mentioned above. The soft background vocals also add another layer of class to the song. The first chorus begins at approximately 01:10, going all the way till 01:37. The chorus has David singing in a slightly different (higher and slower) pitch than that used in the normal verse. I personally love the chorus for it’s simplicity and efficiency, and the way David Lewis has beautifully crafted each word and presented it to us. The second verse is stitched to the chorus, as the time spacing in between the chorus and the second stanza is virtually null. The second verse is a tad longer than the first one, extending for about 55 seconds; OR it could be that two verses have been merged together (two short 30 second verses). The chorus starts for a second time at 02:34, with minor changes and administrations. At 03:02, a slightly changed verse indicates the start of the third stanza (or rather, a post-chorus, because it’s just 3 lines long), after which the chorus interleaves itself at 03:16, and loops a second time, extending to 03:42. The latter part of the song (03:43 – 04:53) is an interleave of chorus loops and a few vocal notes. The song slowly spirals down and fades off 04:38.


Lyrics For ‘Masterpiece’

Download Link For ‘Masterpiece’ (Right Click on link, click ‘Save Link/Target As’)


'Masterpiece' is a song from Atlantic Starr's album titled 'Love Crazy'

‘Masterpiece’ is a song from Atlantic Starr’s album titled ‘Love Crazy’

If you’re looking for something to crank up your day and have a good time, make it a point to listen to this song ONCE everyday.
History: “Bed Intruder” is a song made by a Youtube group called ‘schmoyoho’, after an interview made by the ‘Waff’ news in the USA. This song not only quickly went viral (it currently has a 115 million+ views on Youtube), but also starred in the Billboard Top 100 on the #89 postition. It also turned Antoin Dudson into an internet celebrity (virtually overnight). He also made his own rap performance

What it means: After Antoine Dodson, a young hero from Huntsville, AL, saved his sister from an attack, he gave out an important message both to his community and to the attacker himself (The interview then resulted in the production of this song).

Review: Nothing to review here, it’s hilarious! Check it out for yourself! Just put your brains aside and listen to it! It’s really funny. They’ve (schmoyoho) used the ‘auto-tune’ effect to add even awesome feel of the song.

A final word out: Even though the story behind the interview is quite serious, these guys have gone all out and made the song ridiculously hilarious. Enjoy the song, but also keep in mind the story behind it!

Have fun!

Quick post guys. No review here (None needed, actually). I’ll bet everyone has listened to Adele’s new single, “Skyfall”, right? If you haven’t, go to the link below and download it asap (Standard procedure : Right click on link, click “Save Link/Target As”):

Okay, now that you’ve heard the song (Skip the above if you’ve already heard the song), head over to the video I have posted and listen to the violin cover (Courtesy Juhn Curry)… It’s simply amazing! Too good to be true. I always get goosebumps when listening to the cover. MUST LISTEN- TO! Listen to this as soon as possible guys! I’ll be back with the review of “Adele – Skyfall” shortly. Till then, ENJOY! Don’t forget to like the video! Tell me how you felt about the song via your comments.

Until then, Ciao!!

What this blog is about

What this blog is about

I don’t know if this happens to you guys, but sometimes when I hear a song, I feel like knowing what other people think about the same song. Sure, there’s the Youtube™ comment section and the Letssingit™ comment section too, but won’t it be nice if you had an ENTIRE BLOG based upon only the review of a song, alongwith the download and lyrics link? Well, that’s where I come in. Welcome to audiophileparadise, your all-in-one solution to music. Hope you’ll enjoy it! Do comment if you like the idea!!