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Rahul Kulhalli
Pune, India

Bio: Namaste, folks! Rahul Kulhalli here! Adrenaline Junkie, Audiophile, and gormandizer!

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  1. Thanks for following my blog!

  2. Actually, I would like a definition of a few other genres in music. Blue-eyed or “white” soul, soul music, and R&B. I got one definition of just “soul music” and it said that religious feelings needed, but I don’t think so. Urban soul I believe could have sex , hopelessness feelings, despair, etc, Am doing a project and need some examples of blue-eyed soul. Your list does not include soul or R&B as an option. Thank you. Can i COME BACK here to see answer or must i GO TO MY BLOATED Email and search for it? Thanks. I really love the Bee Gees and your review of Tragedy impressed me. I know, probably only seven people in the US LOVE Gibb music, but I must admit I am hooked. Thanks again.

    • I completely agree. I do listen to the Blues and Jazz. After reading your comment, I really felt the need to write something about Blues and Jazz. Stay tuned, I’ll be reviewing some of my favorite artists and songs! 🙂

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